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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Ant27, Sep 29, 2008.

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    I just want to thank everyone for helping me out while I built this thing. I went for about a 15 min ride. Had a blast and was surprised at all of the attention I got! It was a really cool feeling especially for someone like me who as never rode a MB before. My only issue is the fuel leaking from the petcock/gastank threads. I'll be sure to fix that soon. I rode on the side of the street most of the way, but I was feeling ambitious and went on the center of the rode. The rode really isn't busy ever. Wouldn't you know it, a police cruiser takes the corner. :shock: I flip out and push in clutch and try to brake. My hand misses the brake lever and hits the throttle instead. A loud rev comes out like I was trying to get in trouble haha. He kept going, so I was relieved. Sorry, I don't want to ruin it for all of you by me going in the middle of the rode, but I couldn't resist. :grin:

    Thank you everyone for making this a reality. I definitely couldn't have don't this without you. I'll wear my stickers with pride on the sides of my gas tank. I'm even going to wear the shirt to school if I order it. The next generation needs to show the kids at my school that motored bikes will always dominate the scooter mopeds! :D

    I have a really crappy cellphone picture, but its the best cellphone background a kid could have :cool:

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    good to see you UP AND RIDING -- MB -- ANT

    stay away from trouble -- if possible

    hear some REBEL going on there !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ride That Thing ANT -------------- MM
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    Cool. Glad you got it runnin'. Nice bike.
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    Nice build looks good.