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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Addum, Jan 20, 2014.

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    Hi all
    I just wanted to tell you all about my first longish ride. My wife Is the Mgr. of a motel here in our little town and we live on the property so after I had finished my build I had just rode around the building and through the parking lot next door. Just little test rides.
    I woke up that morning with a ride into town in my plans for the day. Packed my backpack with everything I could possibly need in case of breakdown, checked fuel and was off.
    Bike rode great! Ran well, Smooth and good power. All too soon I arrived at my destination, Just a little convenience store about three miles from home. Went in and got what I needed, Came out to four people around my bike. All asking questions. One young lady wanted a pic of the bike! (I asked if she wanted one of me,, No dice, Just the bike.) I answered what I could. Told them where I got it, Dax. The one guy said he wanted one for his 15 yr. old. He had bought his son a pocket bike and was told it wasn't legal in town. Took pics of Dax'es sticker I have on the clutch cover. All in all, We had fun and made some new friends.
    Bike rode home fine. I have since been all over town, No mechanical issues, I did lose the nut off the tensioner But got lucky.I was across the street from my cell phone store and they had one there that fit, Got me home. Now I carry nuts and bolts. Just in case.
    In closing, This is the best money I could have spent! Cheap transportation and every time I go out I meet someone new!
    Have fun guys! And ride careful Addum

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    Glad to hear it's working out for you.

    No doubt about it; these bikes are fun.
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    Just wait till you get bored with the kits and want to build a custom bike. The 2 strokes are fun, but custom is a whole different ball game lol.