First run on my Honda GX-31 4 stroke.

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    GX 31 Bike (2).jpg GX 31 Bike (1).jpg

    The 20" bike has 2 sets of shocks and it gives a silky smooth ride.

    The Staton kit was mounted on my trike and it hung in my garage for years.

    There was gunk residue in the dry gas tank so I added some fresh gas, shook it around, and let it sit over night.

    The engine is very lightweight, I guess about that of a small watermelon.

    When I tried to start it, I discovered that the rubber primer was rotted.

    An hour later I was back from a small engine repair shop with a new primer and $3.00 short.

    I finally figure out that the throttle setting was too low to start and it started.

    With the rear wheel off the ground, the tire screamed.

    However, on the bike, I could only reach about 5 mph and it stalled.

    I had this engine go 29 mph on my heavier trike so I know there is something wrong.

    Any ideas why it would quit under load?

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    Clean the carb.
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    This is the most likely problem and fix.

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    Here She Be

    This engine has been sitting for years. A new primer cup and a few miles the carb diaphragm seems like it is becoming more flexible. It still will not take full throttle.

    Notice the spring loaded throttle lever adjacent the left brake handle.

    It coasts a bit and it brakes nicely.

    She rides nice!
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