Engine Trouble First Start! And then no run....

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    (Click the attachments to see pics of the bike)

    After spending the last few months lurking these forums and building my own bike it's time to start riding. Rock Solid Engines 80cc stage 3 engine - first heat cycle. The engine fired right up and ran well for about 4 minutes. I drove down the road (it's fast!), turned around and started coming back and it bogged and stalled. I used the pedals the rest of the way. I let it sit for a few minutes and tried it again. It started quickly and it ran well again for about 3 minutes, then bogged and stalled. Seems like a fuel delivery issue but I'll try to diagnose that tomorrow as i'm tired from working all day. I'm just happy that it runs and the bike seems to go well when it's running.

    What do you think? Of the stalling issue and of the bike itself. (first timer)
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    Make sure that the fuel cap is vented. When starting it up and when its running, remove the fuel cap and see if that solves your problem. Make sure the fuel is flowing into the carburetor.
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    Thanks Al! It was a combination of the tank not venting properly and having tiny metal shavings from the machining process gather at the on / off valve in the tank and slowing the fuel flow. It runs like a champ now! Did it's first 10 minute heat cycle last evening. It's Fast! Much faster than i expected, so much that i may have to upgrade the brakes.