First Staton

Inside drive with Mits TLE43. Now I understand why 'they' said the ID was more difficult to install. :p

Anyway, some pics. Not real pretty, not like some of yours, but it's functional and very solid. I was surprised, but satisfied.


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After getting the rim back from the bike shop (they did an excellent job on the hub install/dishing), about 6 hrs of actual hands on work. I spent a day or so deciding on HOW to make the U-bracket work. As you can see, I had to cut/drill two pieces of flat bar to raise the engine off my back tire.

Alaskavan, I hear a ring of warning from you. I'm hoping for YEARS of reliable commuting. lol. Or maybe it's my own fear talking to me, about not using that fourth rear support bar. Do you see any potential problems??
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I didn't phrase that well. Sorry. I was trying to convey that your setup will go and go without the necessity of continuous maintenence.
Personally I would put the 4th support bracket on for peace of mind and extra cargo room. Theres a lot of weight on that one pipe and bracket. If anything keep a good eye on it but I know Staton strongly urges the use of all 4 support points on his website.
That's what I needed to hear, about the 4th bracket. I'm devising a way to add more bar to the bracket in order to come around the back (or underside) of the gas tank where after adding the 4th bar, it'll all look square and even and add that, like you said, piece of mind as well as more support for the engine.

This kit has already started paying for itself, bringing immediate economic/physical/& mental relief. Since the gas hike, i've been pedaling 100+ miles a week to work and back (and errands) to compensate what I WON'T pay for gas. ha ha. Big diff between won't and can't.

So, long story short, I had to get this kit up and running, then adding that 4th ASAP

Thanks for taking time to respond to newbs such as myself. Big help!
You'll probably find that the Staton 96 ounce fuel tank would be a positive if you're riding that far per week. Otherwise, you'll be filling up daily. The ability to go a week on less than a gallon of gas is wonderful!
From the looks of the kit you may be able to run a rod directly across the back right above the tank to the 4th support bar. If the tank is in the way you could make some small bracket to drop and shift the tank back a bit.
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