First test ride of the new build today.

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  1. I got the E-BikeKit front direct hub motor kit on the Schwinn Landmark today and taped the Ping LiFePO4 36V-20 Amp Hour battery to the rack for a test spin. This is my 5th. motored bike, but my first electric. It's cold and the streets were wet and slushy in spots so I didn't ride far. 20 silent, effortless, fun MPH. I am stoked!

    Now to finish the bike by building a battery box and properly mounting the battery. I want to upgrade the brake pads as well to better handle the increased weight. The bike is as heavy as a dead preacher(perhaps twice as heavy as my lightest gas bike), but once it is rolling the weight becomes irrelevant.:devilish:
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    I am not familiar with that model bike, so we gotta see some pictures ! " Kool Stop " Salmon brake pads are great pads to use .
  3. Here's what it looks like.