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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Turtle Tedd, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. Turtle Tedd

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    Been tinkering around at night working on my bike for about 1 month now,between reading all the posts/threds...tons of info here thnks to all....Was going to finish the whole bike the way I wanted it and set it up on a jury rigged 2x4 test stand to adjust motor and every thing else.....but decided to mix up some 16 to 1 fuel and go to it ....started right up and I ran it for about 20 minutes at about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle...Stopped every now and then to adjust idle, clutch and chain tensioner......Question for you guys..are these chinese engines supposed to make a lot of noise..I dont mean the exaust ..but it seems I van hear every moving part in this motor..kinda like it dosent have enough lubrication...Its a Grubee Starefire 48cc on a Shwinn Del Mar...Maybee I will add a little more oil to the mix is over 90 degrees down here in Florida...Maybee it just needs a little breaking in ..I do not think the word DEBUR is in the chinese language....Any info here would be gooood.

  2. biken stins

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    Glad your up and running !
    Noise yes.
    Put dabs of grease here and there.
    Keep everything tightened.
    There are some sound proofing ideas here somewhere.
    When everything works into place it will be better.
    Good luck.
  3. bluegoatwoods

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    biken stins is right; there are ways to lessen the noise. But I don't think it can amount to much. These engines are mechanically noisy.

    So even though it's annoying, don't let it worry you. It comes with the territory.
  4. RMWdave

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    i thought the same thing when mine first ran haha
  5. Mountainman

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    comes free with the little machine

    comes free with the little machine -- some Noise -- yes -- that's for sure

    not a big thing as you ride that thing
  6. Turtle Tedd

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    On my second tank of gas now.did some greasing of some parts as recomended...less noise now....a lot of fun for sure...I don't think I will rag on Chinese any more
  7. RMWdave

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    ill sure as **** continue to rag on them, they forgot to put rings in my engine for cryin' out loud!

    2000 workers in the factory and they cant go grab another box of piston rings..... production, export, $5
  8. Will Snow

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    I have installed three of these engines over the years and yes, I have said the samething . I was riding my motorcycle the other day and began to hear this different loud sound that stood out from all the other street noise. You guessed it, a motorized bicycle that was really moving along. He must have been doing 30+ mph and this guy was no light weight. There's more: He was towing a trailer with the front wheel of a bicycle straped to it and towing the rest of the bicycle behind the the trailer. What do you think of that?

    I was told the gears on the right side by the clutch is where a lot of the noise comes from. I put some grease on mine but don't remember if that made a difference. Forgot what the grease was called I was told to use but remember it was very thick almost like wax it seamed.

    Even with all the noise, I have read on this forum where riders have stacked up tons of miles on these little engines. So, don't let the noise worry you unless you think there is something seriously wrong.

    Wish you well on the project, let us know how it turns out.

    Bill Snow

    Fresno, California
  9. Turtle Tedd

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    May be I will still rag on the chinese a little piston rings..really?? you think they did that on a Monday?? maby got some bad rice made with the same stuff they put in the pet food they sent to the US last year..I told them no put gravey on rice.
  10. Turtle Tedd

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    Biken Stins...mouse pad idea sounds good I am looking at one right now..looks to be just the right denesity and soon as the wife goes to bed its gone I guess the dog ate it....she has some new flip-flops look to be about right for some pieces in the is looking at them also