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    I'm Dixon Anderson from Federal Way, WA. Being a part of a forum is a bit different for me, but this one I have a lot of energy for. Being a healthy 73, now about 180#, I can say I have had three motorbikes, a home built marvel and then two Whizzers way back in the 50s and 60s. Used the last Whizzer to get around on the Cal Poly campus at San Luis Obispo, passed it on to my brother when I got married and it was eventually stolen. Dad would have said absolutely no motorbikes, motorscooters or motorcycles except I just got a bike and put a motor on it and he just couldn't tell me to stop, I guess. I always thought I fooled him.

    I have been living my second childhood, rediscovered model trains some time ago. About three weeks ago I bought a Pacemaker II, seller said it was a 2002. I was very excited to have another Whizzer, which I have been telling people about for years. For three weeks I have been learning about my new Whizzer from this forum. You guys are extremely helpful, but a bit disappointing, I must say. Burst my bubble. I live at the bottom of a hill, probably about a 10 degree grade with just a little chance to get a run on it. There is no way I can get this Whizzer, in it's current condition, up that hill, so I feel a bit locked in my garage thinking maybe I bought something to show people when they come in. When I found the intake restrictor tube the other day and read your blogs about it I think I have four options. 1)Keep it for a showpeice. Use it only on the flat. 2)Do the simple mods and let it get hot and have a short life 3)Try to buy or do the ME mod on it and 4)Sell it and try to find a 2004 ME5 or newer. Whatever I do will be fun, I'm sure, but I really would like to use my bike as well as look at it and show it to people. I have yet to find a dealer in Washington. I have a number of questions but I'll start with that. Any comments or ideas would be welcome. Thanks.

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    Welcome aboard :D
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    What up pops. welcome. Sounds like you might have some good input.