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  1. bikerjames

    bikerjames New Member

    Hello, I'm James,
    I have a bicycle shop in Alpine Ca. and find this site to be very informative.
    Thanks for being here for all of us who like motored bikes.

  2. PatrickW

    PatrickW Staff Member are very welcome at MBc. I really wish that all bike shops had the same outlook. I would: just place the motored bikes with gas and oil in a back bay where customers can easily see them, walls painted an Off-White.

    And, the new pedal bikes up front: Including the the gas bikes that have not been laden with either gas or oil. That should make all of your customers happy. Of course, this is only a can take it or not. In any event, Good Luck, and God Bless.
  3. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. Many of the bike shops consider motorized bicycles to be the competition.
    I feel that motorized bicycles and conventional bicycles compliment each other. I still ride both.
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