First Time builder, 4-stroke folding bike

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    Hi All,
    I'm a first time builder but generally handy and have access to decent machine shop tools (lathe, mill, band saw, mig welder, etc.).

    I'm planning on building using a folding bike with full sized wheels for use in my airplane. I want 26" wheels for light off-road use, and while there is room in the back of my plane for 26" wheels, and non-folding bike of that size would be difficult.

    Here is the bike I have selected to start with:
    I researched various options: 2-stroke versus 4 stroke, frame mount versus rear mount, chain, friction and belt drive.

    I have come to the conclusion that frame mount likely won't work with this type of bike. I could mount the rear mount of a v-frame mount to that vertical post where the crank attaches, but without the v-bar going forward for support I'd likely get into torque and flexing problems. It also would greatly increase the stowed size of the bike.

    So, rear mount it is. I've looked high and low and can't seem to find anyone that still ships a rear mount kit. Does anyone know of someone that has one for sale? I looked at the GEBE kits and while intriguing, I'd prefer chain drive.

    My plan is to purchase a ghost racer 7-g kit and adapt it for rear mount with a beefed up version of something like this:
    Possibly add some aluminum gussets/reinforcement.

    Does anyone know where I could source the undermount fuel tanks for the Hua-Sheng 4-strokes? How does the fuel feed up-hill in this arrangement? How much head is required to feed adequate fuel? My backup plan is to purchase a poly go-cart style take and co-mount it with the engine.

    Depending on how things work out, I may add a sick bikes jack shaft arrangement to create a rear mount shifter. For my use, I'm most interested in the low end (torque) performance.

    Any thoughts or comments on my approach?

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    Looks like I found the solution for feeding from a tank below the engine:

    Factory OEM Honda fuel pump that is powered by vacuum from the crank case for $20. I just need to find a suitable plastic tank.
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    Heck, I suggest just a front electric hub motor for that bike with a battery on the back rack.
    No muss, no gas, and as far as an airplane or any mass transit is concerned, just a bike you can fold up and lay down like luggage.
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    Funny you should mention it, but I was just researching MAC front hub drive units as well as mid-drive bafang units that take advantage of gearing... front hub ones sure look like an easy install....