First time builder.Got my engine, now I need a frame,etc



First, I'd like to say that without this website, there's NO WAY I'd be able to do this.I'm not a mechanic at all-I'm learning as I go.
The engine is a basic DAX 65cc.I live in Canada, so that means no warranty.This is fine, it just means that I need to be extra careful, & take it one step at a time.A reckless/ignorant newbe w/a cheap engine won't be on the road for long, for one reason or another-of course luck comes into play as well.
It's almost winter, so I'm not going to bother slapping something together.I can really take my time.

So far I know:

-I need thicker spokes than usual-12 gauge, otherwise some of them may break.Are there any bikes which have these w/out having to swap out the thin ones?
-It is crucial to know how much/what kind of oil to mix w/fuel, otherwise you can fry the pistons or other parts.
-It is a cheap engine, so I need to be careful, maybe have a backup & extra parts, or eventually upgrade.
-I need to rig up some type of fuel & air filters.
-cheaper aluminium frames may be subject to stress cracks due to vibration, so I'll probably go with high-tensile steel.

I'm sure it will continue to be a learning process.I still have some questions that I'm checking out on the chinese engine info section of the forum.

Frame-wise, I'm thinking of a cruiser, w/mountain bike 1-2 inch riser handlebars, & lightwieght mountain bike fenders, & possibly front suspension of some kind (new or old style).The engine fits very well on a cruiser, but I like the handling, & tougher style of a mountain bike.I'd prefer dual headlights, because some mountain roads can be deadly in the dark.I'm also wondering if I should have a spark-arrester, & how I might attach one if I do need it.

I also don't want it to be too eye-catching or fancy, because these things are borderline legal around here, I think.I'm also fairly sure that I'm the only one around here w/one of these.I've never seen another one around.

I am lucky, however, that the cops are very slack around here;)

No real point to this post, just thought I'd share, this is getting rather interesting:)


Sep 24, 2007
good thinking

Sounds very well though out. You make some great points. Patients and low profile. Am working on my first build as well and really needed to consider both those points.

On the lighting, I live in a well lit semi-urban area but want to be seen well away for safety reasons. I had wanted to use an onboard generator but failed to come up with any thing that really struck me as advantages on all fronts and looked into solar w/ rechargeable batteries (can always have back ups on board)
Big and unsightly, but doubles as anti theft devise in that it can be motion activated for light and siren. and is very bright!


a nice front & rear set of basic steel wheels 12g can be had for around $100 meaning you can use your favorite suitable frame.