First time builder - tank mounting problems

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by GDC, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. GDC

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    I am buliding my first MB, a Huffy Cranbrook with a Boy Go Fast kit. All is going well except tank mounting. I don't seem to have any nits that fit the studs on the bottom of the tank. The studs look to be 5mm and 5mm nuts were provided but hte pitch is different. Does any one know what the appropriate nut size is, dia and pitch?


  2. Bzura

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    I'm not sure of the pitch, but most tanks I've seen have 5mm studs just like you suspected. I do know that most tank studs are made of EXTREMELY soft metal, and I have bent, broken & stripped a few myself. Also, sometimes the studs will be painted (not overspray, but they'll have a thick coat of paint on them.) I always burn it off with a torch before trying to fit a nut on. I stripped one trying to tighten a nut over the painted threads & since then I use fire. Works every time without fail now.
  3. GDC

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    Thanks Bzura

    I do have paint on the tank studs. I will burrni it off before proceeding. I was able to get 5mm fine thread (0.5mm pitch) at a hardware store and the threads look much closer to that of the studs than the nut supplied. I should be able to get back on it later this morning.