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    New to this and all, live in north texas, decided to get tis instead of a 150cc scooter.the cost was the deciding factior, still in research mode , any suggestions on who has the (best:rolleyes7:, easiest DIY) basic motor skills motor kits, I mean they look pretty much the same(china engine with usa parts ie tank,cables) thanks

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    Welcome to the forum. One reason people tend to buy a 2 stroke China girl for their first build is that it has 4:1 gear reduction built in to the engine (no jackshaft or external gearbox required). Most other engines will require a gearbox or jackshaft for gear reduction between the crankshaft and rear wheel. The exception is friction drive. There is adequate reduction between the drive roller and rear wheel on a friction drive kit.
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    welcome to the form I,m a Texan as well
    Go 100% American made if you got the cash.
    You do know in Texas to ride a (MB) Motorized Bicycle/Scooter under 50CC you have to have a Class M (Moped) Licenses,
    Any MB/Moped over 50CC you have to have a motorcycle licenses in the State Of Texas
    The kits are pretty simple for most to put on a bicycle.

    When you get over 50CC on a MB/Moped it falls under the motorcycle rules, like front back breaks lights , turn signals and so on .
    I believe you even have to register/safety inspect and insured them just like a motorcycle.

    If I was you and had to have a Motorcycle Licenses, i would just get a small motorcycle.