First time for everything



This is my first thread and my first build, ive just finished my "30 day test" actually cheated and did it in about 20, anyhow im trying to do this build with a tighter budget and its actually working out better then expected, i got donated a 6 speed mountain bike (couldnt tell you the brand) in a disgusting state, although a hit with the gerny and abit of steel wool revealed no real structual damage so step 1 was underway, over the last week the bike has been striped, sanded, repainted, adjusted, re greased etc, i have gone with the rear blue and front yellow, for any aussies im a huge parramatta fan, now ive got 2 engines i can work with, 1 being pocket rocket 49cc and the other being a 35cc whipper snipper (weed eater wacker etc). I want to go the whipper snipper cause that was the first engine given to me and im 3/4s way through a rebuild, but either way i decide atleast ive got a spare. Im thinking friction drive with a soft polyutherane skateboard wheel, now my question is for the people who have done that how did you attached the skateboard wheel to the shaft?? seeing the sharft is square etc, and with the whipper snipper (weed wacker) how have some of you's mounted it above the rear wheel, i see no real spots on the engine to mount, would i just need to weld something together? would this be okay for the engine? thanks in advance, great site by the way keeps me really occupied