Carby first time out-- flooded carb with oil....

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by RedBaronX, Aug 19, 2010.

  1. RedBaronX

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    OK today was to be the (Iron) Maiden Voyage, as my bike has not left my apartment even as just a pedal-powered bicycle. It's going to be a long day already:

    I've talked to enough people who pre-mix in the tank that I went ahead to do that... without checking if the fuel cock was closed. Flooded the carburetor with oil, but figured that would at least not HURT anything. Went on to gas station as is.

    Close station, about three blocks, didn't have an operational air machine, kept walking to the next one, which was down-hill from my house. Filled tires to exactly 40#. Went to put gas in... over-filled the tank (forgetting all that oil takes up space, too). Wiped up the spilled gas, pedaled away. (pre-pay; I didn't *just* pedal away :D)

    About a block away, I try to start it, knowing that the carb is filled with oil. NO go. I keep trying here and there all the way home. No go.

    I get to the hill that is part of the "home is up-hill from the gas station". My bike weighs over 80 lbs easily, and I am not in the best of shape. Luckily it isn't hot out, but it's not the coolest day it's been this week, and I've been sick. It took me about ten minutes to get up that hill-- walk-push, rest.

    I'm home, obviously, but today is going to be a long day.

    I do have a question, though. Should I try to just burn through the oil in the carb until it gets to fule, or should I just take it apart and clean it out? Keep in mind that my "workshop" up to this point has been my dining room, and now that the bike is outside, my "workshop" is the front public sidewalk...

  2. biketec

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    Needs to be taken apart!
    Just pull the carb off, undo the cap on top and bring it inside if you need to but I dont suggest you use the car cleaner indoors :ack2:
  3. RedBaronX

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    is there anything I can clean it out with that is not toxic carb cleaner? Maybe it needs to be just wiped out? It's not fouled with years of use, it's just some fresh oil.
  4. GearNut

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    Any cleaner other than hot soapy water would be toxic. I do not recommend hot soapy water either, unless you want to disassemble everything on the carb and have the time to let everything air dry for an hour or so. It sounds like you are in a pinch, and the oil/fuel ratio in your tank is now off by the volume of oil that is now in your carb.
    Pour the oil in the float bowl back into the fuel tank, and add a little more (like a tablespoon full) from the bottle to account for any lost in the fuel hose and clinging to the carb innards.
    I would use the fuel you have as a cleaner, even though it has oil in it. All you need to do is rinse the oil off of the surfaces. Don't forget to purge the fuel hose of oil too. Just turn the fuel valve on with the hose directed into a catch can, and let it flow untill cleared.
  5. RedBaronX

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    I'm not in a time pinch so much... I have today and tomorrow off to work on this. And I've cleaned rifles with hot soapy water for years...

    I'm using a 1.8 gal tank. I added 8 oz oil first, which is 24:1 for a 1.5 gallons, some of which went to the carb and filter. I only dispensed about a gallon, so my oil ratio is probably still rich. I know I over filled the tank, but it was a good solid gallon before I overfilled...

    Yes, yes, this is a perfect example of WHY someone should pre-mix in a separate container, so don't even go there :)
  6. GearNut

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    I didn't. ;)
  7. RedBaronX

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    I could feel it in my bones that you wanted to :D

    This was supposed to be such a glorious day of triumph! Wind in my hair! Bugs in my teeth! Instead, I'm just stinky and sweaty and tired.

  8. biketec

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    Well you could always try to just drain the line and the bowl and try to ride it down that hill there of yours and hope for the best!
    PS don't feel bad I have been doing this for many many moons and I have done the same thing :dunce:
  9. RedBaronX

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    I drained what was in the line and the filter (there was nothing pooled in the carb, so might not have "flooded" it after all) and tried again... nothing. I've tried it with the idle screw all the way in, partially out, choke up, choke down, choke in the middle...
  10. RedBaronX

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    I got it started! WOOO!

    (I never primed the carb... duh... well, better than flooding it and having to clean it out...)

    I rode it for several blocks up and down my street... WOOO HOOO!

    Then, the muffler started smelling burnt, I lost power, and it crapped out at the bottom of a steep hill.... BOO HOO.

    while I have your attention-- when I would slow down (pull clutch, pull brake) it wouldn't idle. Idle screw in or out? I had just adjusted it out from being all the way in, but I don't know how much... so is IN or OUT a low idle? I think I had the choke in the middle.
  11. biketec

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    screw in is idle high screw out is idle low picture the screw riding on a ramp on the side of the slide.
  12. ibdennyak

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    Fun thread.....I can feel the emotional ups and downs you are experiencing. Have fun. :grin5:
  13. Kinda off topic but I ran out of gas about 3 or 4 miles from my house. I was just trying out my new pipe and forgot to refill gass tank (stupid me). Long story short, it was no fun.
  14. RedBaronX

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    Second successful ride today, though I stuck to my street and the level portion of it (it goes downhill on each end of a four block section) because I have had to push or pedal it up several hills already, and I'm tired of that... more literally than figuratively...

    It won't start unless the choke is open (down). That might change as it breaks in, but who cares as long as it starts. Idles fine now.

    I've got some comfort adjustments to make-- height of seat and handlebars-- before I attempt a longer excursion, but I am getting more confident that it is actually RUNNING reliably.

    Now, I have to run the tank dry so I can address the leaking fuel cock... (or get a storage can to empty it into... maybe Monday, which is my next day off)