First time run (clutch)

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by motorbicycle, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. motorbicycle

    motorbicycle Guest

    when i started my kit up for the first time it took a handful of tries to get it going. I thought that this was usual because it was new. But now after i ran it some more it seems to be gaining more power. The one problem i have is that i cannot pull the clutch in and stop, the motor just dies even with the clutch fully engaged when i slow down. I just wanted to let the motor idle with the clutch engaged to let it break in a little. ANY ADVICE!!

  2. It sounds like your clutch is not disengaged when you pull it in. Make sure you take all the slack out of the cable so the lever on the engine doesn't really have any play. The cables do tend to stretch so you will have to adjust this every once in a while until it is broken in.
  3. motorbicycle

    motorbicycle Guest

    my cluthch is disengaging fully i checked it all over and it works great. Maybe it just needs to be worn in more thanks for the advice i will write back if it keeps up
  4. I had trouble with my old clutch lever cable, but I took a cable from another bike and now it works much better, the cable is thicker and stronger and doesn't fray at the ends.