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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by Falkor, May 7, 2015.

  1. Falkor

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    Everything is connected all wiring is correct but the bike will not turn over when I am trying to start it. It is a 80cc motor and I tried going down a hill, the choke is all the way on, and I tried to keep pedaling after I let go of the clutch. Any tips to get it started, anything is a really big help, all I want to do is get the thing going.

  2. Ibkukin

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    Take the choke off and try to start it. It may be flooding. Also, test your coil and make sure your wiring is not grounding out anywhere.
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  3. Timbone

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    You say it won't start? Tell us what it is doing.
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  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Yes. If you say that the engine 'won't turn over' it gives the impression of a seized engine. Or a clutch that's not engaging.

    So we need more precise language.

    I'll guess that neither of the things I mentioned above is true. Maybe that piston is going up and down but the engine is not starting up?

    I'd definitely start by looking for electrical issues. Wiring that's not connected properly or fully. (An open circuit) Or wiring that's crossed. (A short circuit)

    Or you might start by making sure that fuel is definitely getting through the carburetor and intake and into the combustion chamber. If that checks out okay, then your trouble can hardly be anything but electrical.
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  5. USAbro

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    could you have possibly confused the on and off and be running it with the switch set to off?
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  6. Falkor

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    This was the problem, I had it grounded to the bike because my kit said to ground it but I removed that right away and now it is woking amazing.
  7. USAbro

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    That's great. How fast is it going?