First Timer! Hawthorne Open Road Cruiser

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  1. kspezia

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    Hello guys,

    I am new to the site! I was just looking to get some information on this bike! Could anyone please give me a year? Its all original except for some new Kendas I am putting on the front and back. Although, I still have the original Cheng Skins tires and tubes that came on it plus the chain guard. Also I have been researching kits but I think this old rig is too sweet to mod it up! Any "American" made kits that yall recommend for in the $350 range?


    OpenRoad.JPG openroad2.JPG

  2. Anton

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    Sweet looking cruiser. I moved this to the Picture Gallery area maybe someone here will know the year of the bike.
  3. V 35

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    I wouldn't blame you for building it up, sure it's a bit ' rare ' but, on the other hand, it's made of good steel, and will take the kind of pounding that cracks inferior metal. The ' tin ' can be sold off.
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    Just a little update!