First Timer Questions


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Jun 21, 2008
I'm in the process of looking for an engine kit for my Electra 3-Speed Coaster. The most promising I've seen so far is the 4-stroke 49cc kit on It seems like a good kit, but is $389 a little steep? Does this seem like a good source? I'm in southern california, and i would need to climb up some pretty decent hills. Will this engine cut it? Should I move up to an 80cc? I have a little bit of mechanical experience, and I have no problem with the idea of assembling one of these, but are there some brand's kits that ship with higher quality components than others? (clutches, throttles, etc.)

Another question I had was what is the actual process for starting one of these up? I've seen people pulling the chord on em, and others saying that you just start peddling and release the clutch. Can your forward momentum be enough to turn the engine over? And what's this about a choke? Where would it be located and how could you operate it?

Sorry if these questions are real basic, like I said i'm new to this. Thanks alot.
I am using a $550.00 Staton kit using a gearbox and a Roberts Subaru 33.5 cc motor. It has plenty of power and if the hills come at me I help pedaling. You can go with more power but at some point a bicycle cannot take the power and you need to beef things up. I just started this Motored Bike thing 2 months ago and really like it.