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  1. rylekyans

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    hey guys, I've been reading all your threads for a long time now to see if i want to start my first project. I'm really interested but am a little hesitant because I dont have that much knowledge about engines or anything. How was it for you guys when you built your first kit?

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    Hey Ryle..ENO (Down Under)..Welcome to MBc Global Workstation and Information Center..Its all here mate..these guys love to jump on a problem with your build..I had a lot of trouble at first (mechanically challenged) (and cant read Chinese) but as soon as I posted I got all the info I needed. Always use SEARCH and the answer is there, if not ask in the NEW MEMBERS forum..Post some pics as you go...Good Luck ENO
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  3. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome aboard.

    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to do this. If you are able to keep a pedal bike in good working order, then you're almost there. After that you just need to be willing to tinker and do some not-so-difficult troubleshooting.

    If you have working hands and eyes and just a little bit of willingness, then you'll do fine.

    Good luck and have fun.
  4. rylekyans

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    the tools i need?

    thanks for all the support, it makes me want to buy my first kit as soon as possible. I cant wait to get my ride up and going. What tools will i need to set it all up?
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Hey, bgw, watch it!

    "working hands and eyes" my left (numb) foot!

    I have one hand, with 1.5 working fingers and a thumb. I have two eyes, but the right one has a plastic lens (installed in March) which I'm still getting used to.

    I am in the midst of my first build, which is a trike conversion of a 24" ladies huffy, with the engine going in the rear triangle, with a Shimano 3-speed mid-drive on the pedal side.

    "Working hands and eyes" - HAH!