First trip on newly built bike

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    Went on a 30 mile cruise today. The first big ride after the break in period. Its and Flying horse Angle fire 66cc on a beach cruiser bike from BikeBerry. The engine ran very well, however the clutch assembly is very noisy, I wore earplugs to dampen the noise and that helped. I even applied a little grease to the clutch gear and that didn't seem to do any good. It's probably normal as I seem to be hearing that same noise on all the YouTube videos. I going to be pulling a trailer behind my rig so when I got home this afternoon I took the back wheel hub apart at degreased it than regreased it with high temp grease. Before I left on the trip I drained the gas from the tank and measured it as I refilled it. When I got home I drained the gas and measured it again and found that I had gotten around 98 mpg. The draining was very slow so I removed the valve strainer that was plugged already, I'll just use the inline filter. I'm going to be draining all the gas from the bike and taking the front wheel off (so I can fit it in) and storing it in the back of my truck as emergency transportation. I bought 5 gal of non ethanol gas and put sta-bil in it to store it as well as a container of 2 cycle oil and a tool kit with an extra spark plug, magneto, CDI, WD40 for the chain, tire repair kit, air pump, and of course a set of ear plugs. Over all except for the clutch noise it was a very good day.

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    WD-40 is not a lubricant, it's a water dispursant.
    use grease on your chain or get some real chain lube.
    WD-40 will not lubricate the chain the way it needs to be.
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    Sounds like a fun day. I've never ridden 30 miles in one trip before. They sell noise dampening kits on some of the motored bicycle websites or you could cut out a thin piece of cardboard (fedex box), or mouse pad...etc. and put that inside the clutch cover. Some people add extra gaskets to the clutch cover and that prevents the wheels from vibrating against the cover.
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    Congrats on the first trip! 30 miles...pretty darn good for a maiden voyage.

    As motorpsycho said: don't use WD-40 on your chain! I like Dupont Teflon Chain Saver (Dry, Self-Cleaning Lubricant).

    I really like the fact that it doesn't splatter all over everything like old-time chain grease. And it's very well-regarded as a chain lubricant.

    I hope you have many more fun, trouble-free miles on that bike...
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    Thanks for the tip of the chain lube, the owner at the bicycle shop ( the guy that will have nothing to do with these crappy bikes ) told me to use wd, I should have know better. I have a can of CRC white lithium grease spray that says on the can its for bike chains, think that will be OK?
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    I have seen white lithium grease specified for drive chains of all kinds (and just about any other metal-on-metal lube need). I believe it's resistant to spattering, too. So, that sounds like a good choice.


    PS: Yes, it's interesting to see those road bicyclists' (and bike shop peoples') reaction when they realize that you're talking about a motorized bike! They really squirm in their little spandex costumes!
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