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  1. so i woke up at 9am today and mowed the lawn and finally when the mail got here i got my check and got ready to go to town a little history bout my bike first so i got my 50cc power king engine limited edition too but i had to wai 3 days for my check so that i could get my bike im on unemployment so when i went to town 2 days ago i went to a thrift store and found a michilen bike wow old and awsome lookin but the frame was too small so i declined i went to another and i didnt see any bike so i looked some more there and i found a alterra GT 26inch all shmano and excige parts on it so i got it for 40 bucks so i raced home and started lookin and the front tire was so worn on the sidewalls that my finger poked through so i said ok new tire when i get paid i got the whole engine kit mounted absolutely perfect the sprocket on the back was a perfect fit no wobble no adjusting whatsoever but with no front tire no first ride for a few days ok now i had my gma take me to town and i got a new kevlar tire and 2 no flat tubes a full face bmx helmet and a speedo and .440 gal of gas and a pack of smokes well at this point in time im 20 miles from home so i tell my ride to go ahead and go home im ridin mixed the gas fitted the new tire put on the speedo and started her to let her warm up wow i thought she started so easy i had another cigg and strapped on the helm and started home shes not broken in yet so i rode about six miles and let her rest and checked all the bolts and nuts all tight wow no locktite either i had another smoke and an arizona iced tea and off i go again so i ride ten more miles and check again still tight wow i think so where i live theres like no shoulder at all but were in a hick town no more than 150 people every1 just gets over untill about 4 miles from home a camero almost nailes me with his mirror sh** that was close well i stopped one more time at the store and like 10 people were like wow what is that so i explained it and they loved it so i told them that i would build them and sell them to them and they were all excited so thats my attempt to get more of these on the road then i went home so to sum up my ride one word amazing didnt barely use any gas and got all kinds of looks plus it was nice to finally slow down and just look at everything i know why all of you build these now im hooked so tomarrow i got anothewr 20mile trip to my best friends house to show him and visit maybe get him to get one hehe but anyways ill keep you guys posted happy riding all

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    Maiden Voyage

    That first ride is great isn't it? I just a few minutes ago rode my first Motorized bike for the first time... I have a BoyGoFast 70cc ("80" cc NOT) engine mounted on a Trek 820. It was raining (We're getting the edge of hurricane Ike) but I had to try it out... started right up with the choke on, ran great but won't idle... gotta fix that. I have the ONLY motorized bike in the area, and possibly the only one in the state. I can only hope to start a trend! For my short (3 mile) first ride, in the rain, at 4 am, I got so many stares.

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    having a MB blast there -- we see

    brings to mind an old song from "Foreigner" -- It feels like the first time

    yes - and everytime I ride -- it feels like the very first time...

    got to love that -- almost as good as _ex

    almost -------- that's why we say -- Ride That Thing Mountainman
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    Glad your first ride went well. Cool.
  5. hey tinker turn the idle screw all the way in then out to adjust and thanx all i just got back from another trip but this one was 24 miles one way and i rode both ways so all is good and im gettin about 80 miles to one tank and 160mpg total yea
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    I had two first rides on mine.

    The first time when I built the machine and put it on the road - it was nice to ride but very cyclemotor-esque on hills...

    The second first ride was when I finally got the tuned pipe fitted up. Its like a different machine. It runs more like a motorcycle than a cyclemotor. It will run up hills and even accelerate. It doesnt have problems with headwinds like it did..

    Two for the price of one.

    Oddly it doesnt seem to have had much of an effect on fuel consumption either... :)

    Jemma xx
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    I turned the idle screw in, now it idles. I bought some metric grade 8 bolts for the rear sprocket, and spent some time with a torque wrench at the back wheel. Now my gear rides straight, the chain doesn't pop alarmingly at times. I greased the helical gears in their case, and put some cardboard on the inside of the case... it was much quieter than I thought it would be when I first started it, but the grease and cardboard made a big difference.

    Only problem I have now, is the throttle twist grip broke. The white plastic part on the inside that holds the cable came apart, right where the cable goes... I think I'm going to install a brake handle instead of the twist grip.

    The oddest problem I've had, is the sparkplug. The center electrode came loose, and was sitting against the side electrode. I put a new plug in and all was well.

  8. tinker i really didnt have to do any of that expecaully the bolts i got the limited edition it came with those bolts o yea its from powerkings shop really good motor now all i gots to get is the jackshaft kit and then its time for the ride to sacramento
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    A few more rides under my belt... and I've noticed...

    The rubber grommet things for the sprocket were not cut flat. Had to shim them up with some cut up old blue jeans, and now that chain rides just right.

    I stop the motor when I stop rolling. People don't know what to think of my rig. I pedal away from a stop, the motor starts, I stop pedaling and smoothly (As smooth as any HT that is...) pull away. Younger people stare, they've never seen anything like it. Older people say they haven't seen anything like that in decades.

    I keep thinking I need to adjust the carb... but it runs OK, the plug looks normal, so I shall ride on.

    The catastrophic engine problems I expected have not arisen. I instead had problems with the clutch handle included in the kit, and the twist grip throttle included in the kit. Cheap easy simple fix. I now use a brake handle for a throttle, I like it better.

    This thing will not for pete's sake run out of gas. I guess that's a good thing. I keep checking it. I need a cycle computer for it, I will get one next weekend.

    With the ride, the attention, everything about it, this machine is so. much. darned. fun. I'm surprised it isn't illegal.

  10. i got one of those bell compters and i love it odometer speedo trip timer max speed avg speed all for 10 bucks