First Visual Contact with a Patrol Car.

Discussion in 'Laws, Legislation & Emissions' started by sabrewalt, Nov 21, 2007.

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  1. sabrewalt

    sabrewalt Guest

    Last night I motored over to a local store and as I was going along the shoulder at about 22-23 mph, I local police cruiser(DFW Texas area) passed me and kept going. I probably saw me pedel launch from a stop light, I was following the signals and stayed in the car lanes until I got fast enough to engage the Engine and then I pulled over to a wide shoulder to let all the faster traffic pass me. It was dusk and I had lots of lighting. I was not pedeling at all when he passed me.

  2. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    I haven't had any trouble yet. I see police all the time, and they just look, wave and drive on by. As long as you are driving safely and sensibly, they probably will never bother you.
  3. turbo/chaos

    turbo/chaos Guest

    thats true but if you get to scared just kill the motor and pedale thats the best any one can do
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    i've had the pleasant surprise of encountering the local guys at 4-way stops, in rain, at night, etc.

    & every time they see me, even if by surprise, they "catch" me following every rule of the road that applies, because i happen to be very into it...the look they give me (after a once-over of S-2.1) is one of respect. they know i am the least of their worries for the day, and it's all good :cool:
  5. thatsdax

    thatsdax Guest

    I always pedal

    I always make it a habit to rotate my pedals. Just a habit. Keeps the blood going in my knees and keeps the cops from bothering me since they see me pedaling and they also see it is a bicycle. I try to obey the traffic laws as best I can, but.. I am not sure what the traffic laws are on the side walks. Since I spend a lot of time on them. People are around , I keep my speed down when I go around them. Cops stay cool, the people are cool, I stay cool. I keep it cool. No troubles. I have been by at least 400 cops in the past several years. I am sure they all know me by now. Even when I do not see them, I know they see me. My guess is, with gas prices going into the stratosphere, people are more and more understanding with motor assisted bikes getting over 120mpg and all. A few times I have been riding down the shoulder of the road and some older women have yelled out their car windows at me to get my bike off the road and on to the side walk. Just 2 times or about once a year. I passed/ went around 2 motor cycle cops which were parked on the side walk with their Harleys giving out green stamps. They just looked at me as I motored/pedaled around them. They were blocking the sidewalk really.. Had the Cheif of police and his 90 day wonder "1st Leuy" stop me at the Harley Dealer. I was there on my motor assisted bike looking at Harleys. They both stopped me to talk about my bike and them getting some for their Police bike force. I will let you all know if they take me up on my Deal. At any rate. I think you all will notice how little trouble you will have if you just stay cool , ride nice, and rotate those pedals !!! Let the whole world know you are on your bicycle !!! Enjoy the ride.. I know I do. I love my Bike. I really love my new 4 stroke Titan.. Enjoy the ride......
  6. Texas2Stroke

    Texas2Stroke Guest

    I see the local police quite often when out riding. They often slow to look for a while, wave, and then keep moving. I was out last Sunday checking out my top speed with the new 40T sprocket. I was near 30 mph when I looked back and saw a police cruiser in the left lane just behind me. He trailed me for a minute and then sped off.
    As others have voiced here, I always obey the traffic signals and keep out of the faster traffic's right of way (lest I end up as a big ugly hood ornament on a Ford F350).
  7. LiamSckhot

    LiamSckhot Guest

    The local authority in Black Mountain NC always enjoy my bikes. Now I have moved to Hendersonville NC it is the same .Have been riding in Asheville NC often and notice that there it is like the moped capital of the region little bikes everywhere and all winter long all year even in bad winter weather. A town full of regular people who want to conserve on fuel.Also many touring bicycles and artist communities are everywhere you look. I noticed that there are only a few true motor-heads that build kit bikes.Most people want ready to ride products and are a tough sale on kit bikes. The police have expressed some interest in use of power assisted bikes for festivals no action as of yet.There is a noticeable large older population of BIG------------ BIKE riders in this area .I guess Bigger is better and faster and more fuel ,will wait for them to come around. Big bikes are the most fuel hungry monsters on the road lots of hopped up choppers. Now don't get me wrong I love all motor bikes former Honda Tech.
  8. smitty

    smitty Guest

    I always wave at the police and they always seem to ignore me. Thats OK with me, since I haven't as yet gotten my M-2 or registration.(I only recently read about the necessary papers here.)
  9. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    In the past every time i talked to the cops it seemed to cost me money,so we have an unwritten agreement now....u don't talk to me and i won't talk to work.
  10. gottmoore

    gottmoore Guest

    I rode for 10 months with no hassle, just curious looks from the local 5-0. I ride responsibly, however my use does get undue attention because of my bikes' configuration. Someone at Jupiter PD must have looked it up, and I got stopped the other day.

    Not really a traffic stop, I got a wave from 2 units parked at the beach, so I turned around, thinking it would be the usual Q and A session about the bike, which I dig talking about any time. SURPRISE!

    I got told "you cant do that". When I asked, I got told what I feel is incorrect information relevant to other forms of transportation. I did tell them I had a differing opinion, but no avail. I gave up and pedaled home. No ticket, but I feel until I clear the air, I am at risk. :???:

    Moral of the story- Never be too ready to show off your cool ride, and be low profile

    Also of note- I agree with and would now recommend turning the pedals. I did not and I think it may have cost me.

    I do have what I feel is the relevant staute section to show them, but really I feel I am now on the radar, and as long as I am there I am nervous. The currect legislation in my state is pretty confused.

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    HighTimber Guest


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    I can see the reason you got stopped. Not the board of course, but the bright yellow flashlight. Ha Ha!
    High Timber, I don't think he should be banned but definitely think he needs to change it. now! Hint Hint!
  13. larymor

    larymor Guest

    I fake pedal whenever in high traffic areas....keeps em confused.
  14. azbill

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    fetor, apparently, your cartoon avatar is (to some people) in bad taste
    so, in the interest of peace on the board, could you change it ?
    thank you for your co-operation :)

    high timber, who are you to say what we HAVE to do ?
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  15. alesterfeind

    alesterfeind Guest

    Haha. That little guy should offend Hitler more than it offends anyone else. Can't we all just get along? Love, not hate, love.. haha
  16. gone_fishin

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    fetor, you have to change it...i was waiting to see if there was a problem.'re one to talk, i recall we had some probs with you, too...there are ways to handle these things, most of them more diplomatic than the method you chose.