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    I found a fix for the always too long throttle cable.

    it may take a wile but it does the job. Took me about a half hour and all I needed was a butane torch and a bit of silver and a Dremel tool.

    makes me wonder why they specked that cable to begin with.:eek:

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    Yeah, very helpful video made by the guys on the other forum. Nice folks.

    Anyways, here is my simpler (to me) version. Just go down to your local bicycle shop, and ask for a "shifter cable end crimp" They are the little guys you crimp on the end of bicycle cables to keep them from fraying or stabbing you in the leg. They also happen to fit nicely in the carb slide. You should be able to get a handfull of the little guys for a buck for the bike shop. They might just give you one.
    You want a crimp made for a shift/gear cable. Not a brake. Ill attach photos for reference...

    Shift cable crimp:

    Brake cable crimp. (will NOT work)

    So, figure out what length the cable needs to be, snip it. Stick the crimp on the end. Crimp it close to the top, then cut the bottom half off. (its too long). Then stick that mess back together and go peel out.

    It should be also said, Dont use this for fixing a brake or shift cable... Or a cable that sees a lot of pulling force. (duuur). The throttle cable end doesnt see much load. At least it shoundlt, unless your middle name is hamfist.

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    I'm headed for the bike shop now. Hope they'll sell some to me after I was asked the price on my bike and the potential customer left to go check craigs list. oops.
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    That may work for the slide end of the cable, but if you need to fix the end that goes into the throttle end, the silver solder idea is the only option. (or a new cable).
    I shortened the clutch and throttle cables on both of my bikes by using the silver solder trick and it works great. however, for the throttle cable end you have to put a ball of solder on the cable and then file it to the right shape to fit into the housing, so it takes a little longer.
    I fixed the clutch cable end where it goes into the clutch lever on my 66 triumph with silver solder 15 years ago, and it's still holding up.
    the key is acid flux. You have to use acid flux so the silver solder will stick good to the cable end.