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    i bought a heavy duty pullstart from an ebay vendor (bgf) looking at it thought the internals were better than the one i had so i put it on

    the cable (actually a piece of bike brake cable) snapped after about 10 pulls

    anyway after taking it apart and looking at it i went to the hardware store got 6 feet of 3/32 cable,.. 2 cable stops ,.. the 3/32 cable fit perfect,.. i crushed one cable stop on the end of the cable and ground it to fit into the pocket of the pulley then reassenbled the pullstart and put the handle on the other end of the cable (trimmed to the right length) with the other cable stop, it seems to be working,.. much stronger total cost about 5 bucks and a little time

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    I have never seen one of these pull starters last more than a few pulls (a standard one with rope or a heavy duty one with cable).
    the weak point is the internal spring and the tab that holds the spring in.
    those 2 things seem to always break from what i've seen.
    but hey, if yours works with the $5.00 upgraded cable, that's great.
    let us know how long it lasts.
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    if the rope doesn't brake, the mount which the rope is wound on may shear off like it did on me after I installed a heavy duty pull cord.

    the best upgrade to a pull start is to remove it and upgrade your freewheel to a heavy duty one and use pedal start.
  4. well i pedal start the picture tell all :cool2:

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    Hmm... I've just had to rebuild my pull start just a few minutes ago. :)

    Rope snapped a few days ago. I tried to rebuild it yesterday a number of times, but I couldn't grip the spring to put it back in after it popped out [of the spare, too!]. There was a bunch of grease on the inside that I couldn't get off my fingers. I tried using tools and all kindsa other things. Wasted 30 to 40 min. yesterday trying to fix it, and I also bent both springs a bit.

    Tried today and it took about 5 to 10 minutes, with bending back and everything. Just had to have clean hands and spring... then wound it as tight as I could, snapped the hook... let it go EXTRA slowly. A-OK.

    I cut my Amsteel Light (HEAVY duty stuff) to the perfect length, but it was difficult for me to pull it thru holes without some dental floss. ;)

    Bent the "inner" hook back an extra time to make it thicker and hopefully wedge in the notch on the pulley thingy. Think it should work!!

    But it's dark, so I can't really see how to attach it back to the motor!! Came to see some pictures, even tho I know it should look super obvious in the light.
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    Pull start

    On one of my builds, a pull start is a must. I have beefed up both the standard and heavy duty pull starters.

    Standard pull start: Made a steel pawl and changed to a better pull rope.

    Hd pull start: Replaced standard post with a steel post. Made a steel backing plate. changed pull cable to heavier cable.

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