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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by eastwoodo4, Feb 2, 2011.

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    It's FUBARED. ....can't be fixed might offend someone ......
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    And that is offensive.........but totaly correct.
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    it is fubar,thats sad.
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    when the Government disregards US law than it's game over.
    And that's just what is going on....

    according to us law a US person or Company can't do business with a country that participates in boycotts ..... Well basically the whole Arab world boycotts ISREAL...

    Laws are only for making our government project the image that they are just when the reality is they aren't...
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    Then there is the whole immigration issue...
    I don't even what to get into that one....

    And our gov. ( or at least Obama ) supports the wild gangs of rock throwers in Egypt.
    But we fully support the Chineese who run them over with tanks... WTF !!!!!
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    remember by American !!!!!!! Honda and Hyundi Toyota Kia. .... even BMW now...

    GM and ford are Canada made imports....
    And mopar still sucks!!!!