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  1. fitwthme

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    do you need a license to ride a moped in Fl? If it is under 49cc's? License revoked due to drug conviction. Don't want to spend 2k on motorized bike (electric) unless it is the only alternative. Help?

  2. stude13

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    hi fit; mopeds yes. motor assisted ????????? ck. in search
  3. fitwthme

    fitwthme New Member

    need more infor than that
  4. alex

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    Yes, you do need a license for a moped under 49cc, if it's over 49cc, then you need to go through the hassle of registering it as a moped/motorcycle. And as far as I know in FL law ,there is no such classification as a motor assisted bicycle, the main rule for anything motorized like ours is the 49cc rule. I live in FL and the cops around here don't really give any attention to you as long as you aren't going rediculously fast or openly breaking traffic laws.
  5. fitwthme

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    Here is the big question. If a 49cc moped had pedals is it a power assisted bicycle and not in need of a Fl drivers license? What is the difference? Power assisted bicycle or moped both have pedals both under 49cc's. So is a moped with pedals a power assisted bicycle?
  6. alex

    alex Guest

    no, it's a moped
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