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  1. I want to make flames come out of my 50cc 2 stroke engine. I know how crazy and dangerous that sounds. But u have to admit it wood be badass. I want to know if it is possible to do it safely or even if it is possible. I am aware that I could cause serious injury to myself or my bike. I just want to know if possible how. If anyone has tried, thought about or done it please tell me.thx

  2. jaguar

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    the combustion flame extinguishes well before the exhaust port opens, so no it isn't possible.
  3. crassius

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    ignition isn't strong enough to run a second plug at the end of exhaust pipe either
  4. Timbone

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    Put some gunpowder in your exhaust pipe.
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    I think fire comming out of a muffler end right under an oily greasy contraption with a quarter gallon of gas all right between your legs sounds kind of like a bad idea.

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  7. I read online and watched videos on YouTube ox people drilling a whole in their long exhaust pipe and putting a bbq ign ugh tee in the whole and wiring it to handle buttons. They used a richer mix of fuel that the standard. Still think it's possible?
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  8. Seriously gunpowder.
  9. zippinaround

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    Try this one , get a bunch of fine aluminium oxide and mix it with a bunch of fine chilled iron give it a good stir and add about 3 tablespoons to a tank of fuel .
  10. I found a product at this link. It works with cars, motorcycles, and apparently motorized bikes. It is a little pricey but it would be cool. The only problem is that is shoots flames out pretty far. I am looking for something that shooter flames out at most 2 ft or less.
  11. Steve Best

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    Ah, watch this link, I love what this guy does with pipes!
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  12. Strange..................................man.................
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    try what i said it will be less than 2ft
  14. U sure that won't ruin my engine?
  15. Where did u read about the aluminum oxide plus fine chilled iron. Have u done it?
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    not if you have a good filter (you may have to replace the filter after) but it does work 3 tblspoons was the safest amount i reached , my first try i added 10 and it blew the head off my engine and shot the crankbearings through the cases
  17. Steve Best

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    Umm, yeah. Not in my bike but as part of thermite grenades.
    Will burn right thru steel so I don't think you want it in your cylinder.
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  18. zippinaround

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    damn hahah trust you to spoil it!!
  19. I already knew that thermite is composed of aluminum powder and iron oxide ratio is 3:1 and yy
    Ou light it with magnesium tape. So I am really questioning that method.
  20. I may be 17 yrs old but I have made the "works bomb", and thermite. Fun stuff really scarry though. I am hesitate on this because of u know..... the 1/2 gallon of fuel by my balls. Doesn't want to lose those! ;)