Flat Key Lost, suggestions for replacement??

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by dodge dude94, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. dodge dude94

    dodge dude94 Member

    So, while out for a ride, the for the output shaft came off, throwing everything else off.
    While disassembling it, I lost the flat key. What can I use for a replacement?
    Pistonbikes and gasbike both want $3 for a little piece of steel.


  2. cloud_2901

    cloud_2901 Member

    Get a slightly bigger piece of steel and a grinder wheel, and some pliers.

    Turn said bigger piece of steel into little piece of steel. Best if you take another woodroffe key from your magneto side to compare sizes with.

    I just had to make 2 of them last couple weeks for my engine, its pretty easy.
  3. motorpsycho

    motorpsycho Active Member

    if you don't have the abilty to make your own key, you'll have to shell out the $3.00 for the right one.
    in my opinion, $3.00 for a key would be the way to go to avoid the hassle of trying to make one.
    you'd have to go to the hardware store (gas money), look for a key that is close in size, drive back home (more gas money), spend time griding down the key and trial fitting it (more time) and if you happen to grind it down too much...another trip to the hardware store, or more time grinding down a new key (if you bought a couple when you went to the store the first time).
    if it were me, i'd shell out the $3.00.
    Not that i can't make one, or don't want to make one, i'd just be happy spending $3.00 for a direct replacement peice that will go right in.
    Actually, i'd just by a couple of the new keys at $3.00 each just to have some spares.
    BUT...that's just me.
  4. HeadSmess

    HeadSmess Well-Known Member

    a section cut from a bar, washer, whatever.... shame woodruff keys are usually hardened. theres one lost on my floor somewhere...welcome to come look for it :D

    im with psycho and would spend the three dollars while also investing in a few other things to make it seem worthwhile... like a spare engine or summink. or trek off to some sort of bearing supply store, like i shall be doing in exactly 13 hours :) (need circlips myself...)

    once your fingers have met a grinder, and especially a grinder with a lil piece of steel.... $3 is a small sacrafice to make. at least youll still have fingertips and fingernails in ten years though :)
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  5. dodge dude94

    dodge dude94 Member

    Yeah, I have decided I am going to buy 2 or them and a idler, since I broke the factory one. :D
    But I do have another question, the flat key on gasbike says it is for the 415 chain sprocket, but they don't have one for the 410. WAT?
  6. IbedaYank

    IbedaYank Member

    when ordering parts for a HT best to call who your going to order parts from to make sure you get the right parts....not that it will help much with GASBIKE.net...don't even get me started on those clowns....
  7. bairdco

    bairdco New Member

    i grinded down a pin out of a chain for one. it's hardened steel, probably a lot stronger than the original, it took me 5 minutes, and it's been working for months.