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peter nap

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1:23 PM
Mar 4, 2008
I've been dreading this time. My wife has a flat tire on her 08. THE REAR ONE:mad:

I have changed my front a couple of times and it's not any harder than a bicycle.

The rear drive belt concerns me though. What's the procedure for taking the tension off of the belt so I can get the wheel off?

Hi Peter,
Before you start, let me suggest replacing the tube with a thorn resistant type. I don't mean the ones with the liquid sealer inside, but rather the thicker style. Also take a good look at the band that covers the spoke nipples to make sure it covers them all. If you have any spokes that the threads extend beyond the nipples, I would suggest grinding them flush. The only reason I mention these items is to avoid ever fixing the tire on the rear again, cause it isn't as easy as the front. The rear belt can be removed several different ways, first is to "roll' the belt off the rear sheeve from the top of the sheeve and turn wheel backwards [motor won't turn in this direction with the automatic clutch]. Another way is to loosen the rear wheel and let it move as far forward as possible then "roll" the belt off the rear sheeve. BE VERY CAREFUL, because the sheeve is VERY SHARP, and can cut like a razor blade. Once again, be VERY CAREFUL!!!!
If you mark the location of your rear wheel prior to removal , it will be much easier to install correctly. Take a close look at how tigh the chain is, and how tight the rear belt is as a guide when putting the wheel back on. If you have any problems , contact me and I will gladly help.

Whizzer OuterBanks,