Tubes Flats every week

Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by AlexRSS8, Mar 13, 2009.

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    G'day all, riding on my non motorised bike (for now..) i have now got a pattern going, blowing tires at least once a week, i ride in a fairly decent area, i've even changed my path to ride on normal footpaths/roads avoiding broken bottles etc etc.

    Anyways the problem seemed to be the rear racing slick i had (go figure?) and the fact i use cheap 5 dollar repco tubes, i've replaced the slick and gotten a month out of a cheapo tire. now im gone flat, and cant be arsed replacing the tube, im looking into decent tubes (ones that have liquid inside that seal holes:tt1:) and ones that are extremely thick ( thats what she said:jester:).

    i have invested in a thick $11 repco tube from big w, works a charm, pumped to 55 psi, and runs perfectly, i reckon i'll be able to get 6 months out of it.

    It just goes to show, you get what you pay for so you know, i learnt something today, bike tire tubes suck unless you buy expensive ones ( im buying a $50 thick one that seals holes).

    and thats my little report on tubes

    p.s avoid racing slicks, they fishtail when wet and pop tubes.

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    ebay has tire liners for $16 shipping inc.
    in tucson, i got flats every week. a few times 2x in a day.

    using liners, no flats in over a year
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    cool cool, i've installed a tire liner along with a thick tube, it may be the lack of liner or the cheap tubes, when this tire goes i'll use a cheapo and report back
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    I've had a pair of Mr. Tuffy's tire liners in my Hard Tail for the last three years. I managed to get nearly 2,000 miles on a set of tubes, before I finally got a flat. What can I say, they work. I was so impressed with the liners, I put them on my Full Suspension bike. (Titus Switchblade, with Panaracer Firepro XC tires).
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    I blew tires/tubes etc on my first motorized bike like crazy. It was so bad that I finally purchased a No Mor Flats airless insert for it. Always the rear tire.

    Now that I own several motorized bikes I know that the problem with my first bike was caused by it being too small for me. All my other bikes have a longer wheelbase and I don't get flats with them. I am fairly tall at about 6'
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    One guy saves his old tubes to use a tire liners and claims it works.
    I've had very good luck with self sealing (slimed) tubes.
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    that's pretty good. (and reuse is even better). I would think another tube (as an added layer) might not offer much more protection. Though I ride off road 70% with my MTB's. Maybe this works out a-ok for road. good to hear.

    the tuffy's & slime liners are pretty tuff, compared to only using a tube. But for the weight weenies, you pay the price in additional weight.
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    take the old flat tube... cut out the valvestems and all the way around on the inside of the tube. Wrap it around the new tube and fill with slime... no more flats unless you get into something real serious.
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    now I was thinking like an MTB'er, not a MBc'er. Who cares what the dynamic mass of a tire is, if you've got a China Girl rolling it. duh! I might look into the slime setup. I've heard if you let your bike set for a while, the slime heads south, and can make a really wicked inbalance. (though I have no experience with this, just passing on what I hear. But if you've got a wicked MBc, why would you keep it parked???) :D
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    I have used slime on every bike I have owned since the early 90's I wouldn't use anything else. As long as you don't overdo it, you shouldn't have a problem.

    the first time I saw slime was when I used to ride BMX bikes. This guy was like hey I got a nail, pulled it out and instead of Poof and a flat tire I saw a bubble of green slime an no flat tire. I have been a believer ever since.
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    gnarly! I'm thinking of using slime in my 1st build. always good to hear input from others.

    I wouldn't use it in an MTB, (the tire liners I've used have worked great. And keep the rolling mass to a min.).

    great input, thanks!