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  1. Daughter recently had a baby and has two young cats which are loaded with fleas. She asked us to get rid of them for her. We went to Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF) who were full. Went to pet store for advice. Not that easy. The house must be sprayed to kill fleas and sterilize the new egg hatches. If not, when the cats are gone (FOOD) they will still eat PEOPLE (FOOD). She also said to throw some hedge apples (Bois d'arc,Osage Orange)under the house. They are quite effective at driving fleas away. Seems interesting FWIW KW :ee2k:

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    Get rid of the baby, the cats or the fleas? :D

    I've got an Osage Orange tree in my back yard. Didn't know the "fruit" was called "Hedge Apples" - we call them "brains". :p
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    I've always heard of using salt on carpet, as a repellent for fleas.
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    Eucalyptus branches are also excellent for driving fleas out. Put them under the couch and chairs. Fleas begone.
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    had a renter back when -- house full of cats -- I don't know how he lived in that place

    when I first walked in -- hundreds of fleas jumped on my legs -- pretty gross

    there is some -- low cost sprinkle flea powder -- seemed to work pretty good

    ride that thing
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    Bois d'Arc "apples" have to be fairly fresh, and split open, to be much use against fleas. The wood itself don't do much - I lived in a farmhouse outside Durant, OK for a while that was built on bois d'arc log sections as piers, and sided with hand split bois d'arc shingles. My g'friend had 2 cats and about 100 billion fleas in there.

    Scrub in a strong insecticide, put on some Tyvec suits after shaving head to foot, exit the house and burn it down.

    Then build anew 20 miles away. I hate fleas!
  8. In Oklahoma they are HEDGEAPPLES. iN KANSAS THEY USE THEM ON FENCELINES FOR WINDBREAKS. WHEN I USED TO SHAG MY FREEFLIGHT GAS AND RUBBER MODELS IN WICHITA AT CONTESTS THEY USED TO MOSTLY LAND INSIDE THOSE FIELDS AND IT WAS H*** FINDING A PLACE TO CRAWL THROUGH, LET ALONE RE-EMERGE WITH 6 OR 7 FEET OF FREEFLIGHT. THEY ARE ALSO CALLED Bois de Arc (say bowdark) and in botany they were Osage Orange. I always felt there must be SOME useful chemical in those disgusting things. My wife tells me they kept roaches away in "them thar hills" where she was raised. I have a hate-hate affair with the darn cap lock as you can see.
    Keith Williams
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    Physical removal is best:

    Vaccum everything
    Put Mothballs in the Vacuum Bag First.

    Best thing is:
    Brush out Pets with a Flea Comb,
    put comb in water.
    Kill Fleas with metal/wood rod on flea-comb in Water.

    This way you can actually see the fleas die and hear their screams.

    more info here.

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    I camped out in Bois de Arc (say bowdark) , Missouri, back in 1977. (near Springfield)......sorry....:eek:fftopic:

    hedge apples, hedgeballs.....me & my cousin used to have hedgeball fights. (meaner than dodgeball...lol)

    around here...hedge is a preferred firewood...burns really HOT. throws a bunch of sparks, though.
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    boric acid powder, non toxic, its what the exterminators use to kill flea eggs in carpet, hardens egg cases so they wont hatch, use advantage on cats dogs ect leave boric acid powder on carpets ect for a week then vacum, shazam no more fleas!!
  12. In a pinch,--Salt is Cheap/works,, Drys the fleas out.
    7-Dust, for the garden also works, then Vacuume.
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    ive never delt with fleas, but i work maintenance in the projects in the summers and whatnot, ive seen alot of bedbug and cockroach infestations..

    bugs and a **** load of them are a terrible thing. id go with the post above about burning your house down. or putting the pets and kid up for adoption

    good luck
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    I like the Eucalyptus idea but i'm not sure if it's strong enough....maybe a "flea-bomb" or two,with particular care for under things(cos that's were fleas like to hide)
    Try all of the less radical suggestions and if the worst comes to the worst u could always torch your house and claim it on insurance............the fleas did it. ;)
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    that's the stuff I used long ago -- seemed to work great
    and we are talking A LOT OF FLEAS

    didn't even know that it was non toxic -- pretty cool

    ride that MB thing
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    Boric acid powder has been shown, consistently, in scientific tests to be the single best non-toxic insect control agents available in human residences. It acts as a dessicant, drying up the egg cases (and the bodies) of crawling insects of every kind. Years ago it was sold under the brand name Roach-Pruf - in the early 1970's that company held a nationwide promotion to find the most roach infested small community in the nation, then came in and applied their agent to every building in it - some small town in Georgia "won". As part of the promotion, they guaranteed to pay the costs of ANY remedial action necessary if any resident found any living roaches in a treated building within one year.

    No one made a claim.
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    that's the REAL stuff SS

    Good homework done SS

    that's the REAL stuff -- ride that THING
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    i get it down at the lawn & garden place, known as roach kill 4 bucks for 2 liters, its so non toxic to humans its actually prescribed by drs. as an eye wash for styes ect! can also be bought at drug stores!
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    Advantage worked amazingly well for me and my cat. A bit spendy though but worth it after you start getting over 20 flea bites on your body.

    Wake up the next day and there's a bunch of dead fleas all over my sheets. No more fleas since. Put that stuff on the nape of the cats neck and let it do it's magic!