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    I've had an idea to use 1/2" flexible exhaust tubing and some heat wrap to route the exhaust out toward the back wheel of the bike. My thought is to cut the existing exhaust pipe into two sections, one that attached to the exhaust port on the engine, and one that contains the baffle for the output. The two sections would be connected via the flexible exhaust tubing.

    My question is, what impact would this have on engine performance, if any? It doesn't seem as though it would have any, but would appreciate your opinions, suggestions, and what not. Right now the bike is running great (pic attached).

    Some links on the products I'm thinking of using:



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    Rover, Theres a guy on slease bay that sells an extended exhaust. He says it's for the OCC chopper but looks like it should fit a lot of bikes. Maybe not?
    GREAT front motor mount by the way. I've never seen an electrical box used that way before.
    And yes, It will affect your tuning. I'm sure someone that knows a lot more about it than me will be along soon to give you a better answer on that.
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    Big Red.
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    That occ exhaust on evil bay is EXPENSIVE for what it is, and it's only available in black (painted). it's $60.00 plus $15.00 shipping. If you look at the pics of the pipe on the bike in his ad, you will see that it's short and does not go all the way back to the rear wheel. He has a pic. of the pipe installed on an occ chopper, but the pic is cut off before the end of the pipe so you can't see the overall length. But if you look close in the pic, you can see that the muffler is not that far behind the seat post. I'm not saying that it's a bad pipe, I'm just saying that it's expensive for what it is and it might be shorter than what you are looking for.

    On the other hand, you can buy a chrome long pipe with a muffler from boygofast on ebay for $31.62, plus $16.99 shipping.
    I have one of the long pipes that bgf sells, that i slightly modified to fit on my o.c.c., but it should fit any regular framed bike without any mods at all and it should go past the rear wheel. the occ bikes are pretty long, and I cut about 2-3 inches off the end of the muffler on mine. (you can see this 2-3 inch peice in the form of my chrome carb scoop).
    I know, bgf is not the best vendor, but this pipe that he sells is nice, and the quality is good.

    this is just my opinion on the 2 pipes and I'd rather pay less $$ for a nice chrome pipe than pay more money for a spray painted black pipe. I like chrome, and the bgf pipe is longer.
    a longer pipe will give you more bottom end torque.

    here's the listing for the occ pipe:

    here's the listing for the bgf pipe:

    here's a pic of the bgf pipe on my occ chopper.
    if you look close at my pipe, I added about 2 inches of pipe to the front of the pipe where the flange is at. (I cut the original flange off the long pipe and welded on a 2 inch peice from the stock pipe with the flange on it. I added 3 chrome steel rings to cover the weld up for a rippled 50's look)
    this 2 inches actually makes the end of the pipe shorter (or further forward) because it is pushing the pipe out towards the front of the bike more.
    if you can imagine taking 2 inches off of my pipe at the front flange, the pipe would have to move backwards to bolt up to the engine which would make the muffler go further back by 2 inches. I cut about 2 inches off of the end of the muffler to get the length that I wanted, and because I modified the baffle to fit up inside the muffler housing so you don't see a tiny exhaust opening in the back.
    Mine looks like a straightpipe, but if you bend down and look inside the muffler housing, you will see the bafffle.
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    i see this thing and i know i have to get off my derriere and do something about mine :)

    but i wanna make a 6ft tuned pipe thatll make max power at 5000 :)

    eventually found one for $70 :) (the bike that is, the bike!)misslisted on fleabay so noone else bidded :)

    i suppose you wouldnt know where to get new tyres from in AU? :(

    (arrrg! stupid usb thing having issues! stop beeping at me!)

    oooh, there is a whole topic on tyres, isnt there? hmmmm...
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