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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by KiDD, May 20, 2008.

  1. KiDD

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  2. Irish John

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    Why? There's absolutely nothing on bikes there worth looking at.
  3. KiDD

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    Well... if people joined! there would be a lot of high quality pictures to look at. Flickr allows very large images to be uploaded. Did I mention it is free?
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  4. wavygravy

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    hey guess what kidd? this is the best place with the most info! all searches lead here.
  5. stude13

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    people that are unaware of this site might become members. the attitude of beware other sites is silly.
  6. KiDD

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    I agree with stude. People who are surfing around flickr and see some awesome motored bike just might follow the link to come here to find out more.
  7. lets keep things positive here folks! flickr is awesome and if you have pics of your ride on flickr you can join the motoredbikes group. I'm going there right now...
  8. HoughMade

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  9. KiDD

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    They have a software program you should download that makes it a lot easier to upload a lot of pictures at once.
  10. augidog

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    here's the deal...any time you see a chance to expand the movement, go for it...if the group is named "motoredbikes" then doggone that's a major's sites that would fragment the community or compete for profit that should be shunned.
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