Jackshaft flip flop hubs

Discussion in 'Transmission / Drivetrain' started by mister406, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. mister406

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    Hello, I am planning a new build on my schwin riverside cruiser. It has a 7 spd cassette and I want to use it as I am a big guy and the terrain around here has some serious hills. I know about jackshafts,but I was wondering if there is any reason I can not use a flip flop hub as a jackshaft. Unless I am missing something, it seems as tho it would be fairly easy to do. Any body have any input on this?

  2. butterbean

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    It's possible, but not recommended as it can come apart really easy.
  3. butre

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    no go, the way the fixed sprocket is threaded on it'll just spin off as soon as you come on the throttle. you may be able to tack weld it together. you won't be able to use pedals on this build either unless you get a freewheeling crankset, in which case you'd have to figure out a way to run the chain to front chainring or live with only one pedal speed and multiple engine gears, but I would say that 2 chains on one side is sketchy at best
  4. mister406

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    Yes I thought about the 1 pedal spd,but as the pedals are only to make it legal here in Pa. I do not really care about that. Welding the 2nd sprocket is what I was thinking also. And yes I was planning on a free wheel crankset. It just looked like it would be an easier and cheaper type of jackshaft. As far as mounting goes it would be easy and attaching the right size drive sprocket is as simple as welding or bolting it to a freewheel sprocket.
  5. butterbean

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    Ha, I lived in Pottstown when I built my first bike. Small world. From Lancaster originally, but now live in Florida.