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    Anyone had any experience with Flmotoredbikes? It looks to me like the BMP (correct me if I am wrong). They offer the Honda 35. I was wondering if the rollers are easily swapped out. That seems to be the one holdback I have with Staton. Thanks.

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    Do you have any more info or a link on that, I've not heard of them.

    Swapping rollers on Staton FDs is really no big thing. Personally I think it's one of those cases where someone probably once had trouble with it and posted about it and more gets made of it than is really the case. Besides, a hardened roller is gonna get many hundreds of miles on it before you even begin to see any wear.
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    Friction Drive Vendor

    Sorry, it is flmotorbike.com (Florida vendor). Let me know what you think. A bit more expensive than Staton but offering a Honda 35 vs Subaru 33.
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    Kit looks exactly like a bmp kit, wonder where they get them from now. Even the rubber end cap is the same, very revealing.
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    Okay then, I see what's up here. They are just reselling the Staton kit with a marked up price. If you look around the web you'll see that here and there, being resold in a few places. It is a little confusing because they actually do have one pic with what looks like the out of business bmp but notice there's no shopping cart link with it. Probably resold them at one point before they went under. Look closely at the kit that actually loads in a shopping cart and you'll see it's a Staton, plus the dead giveaway is the drive rollers listed separately.

    They're a reseller, who knows, may not even be in business.
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    check out there new kits!! I just seen them on their site today. They are selling 26cc kits.