Flood in Florida

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by davidsis, May 21, 2009.

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  1. davidsis

    davidsis Guest

    I had my garage in florida flooded. Any ideas on how to get the water out of my 95 T-bird, pressure washer engine lawn mower, motorized bicycles. The thunder bird started up and I drove it out of the water to dry ground. I cleaned up water with a steem cleaner suction attachment and put a dehumidifier in it. any help greatly appreciated. I think my exaust pipes were under the water when I started it, but I do not think the water was high enough to go into the engine block.

  2. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    well thinking #1 would be to change oil if any water could have gotten in there
    with any engine that will at least still start
    would start it and let it run for a good time so as to heat up good get rid of any water
    my home got rained out a while back
    heaters, hair dryers help -- put or held in the right place
    used a hair dryer to fix someTHING broken last night -- refrigerator -- long story
  3. arceeguy

    arceeguy Active Member

    Looks like (the engine, at least) is fine on your car. Run it for an hour to get it hot enough to evaporate any water in the oil. As far as the other small engines go, you want to pull the plugs out and spin the engines (by trying to start them) to purge any water in the cylinder. Drain and change crankcase oil (for 4 strokes), spray WD40 in the intakes/spark plug holes and spin the crankshafts around some more. Drain carbs, fuel tanks and get them started as soon as you can.
  4. eastwoodo4

    eastwoodo4 Member

    yeah weve been getting some serious rain here in brooksville.where u at?