Flooded Engine?


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Jun 30, 2008
Hey folks,
First, thanks for everyone's help so far. I'd be lost without it.

I was just reading the sticky for the hundredth time to figure out why I can't get my engine to start. I'm getting spark. In fact I electrocuted myself by not grounding the spark plug when checking it :eek: Anyway, I took the carb apart and the bowl had fuel in it. So, now I'm thinking that I may have fixed the original problem and now the engine may be flooded. How do I know if it is and if it is how do i un-flood it? I'm still getting just a winding sputter that that refuses to turn over. Thanks!
Is your cdi wired in the right way, as if the cdi is wired in blue to black or whatever it will spark but at the wrong time. The wiring should be blue to blue (or whatever colour) and black to black.

having had lotsa non starts,
If you try and start it with the fuel tap off it clears flooding.
also if you leave it over-night, it evaporates in the motor.

theres a troubleshooting guide here at the top of this section:


make sure the intake is tight, and get an O-ring the right size
for inside the carbie to intake junction.
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