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  1. as the title reads im looking for ideas/comments/experience with putting in a kind of floorboard type deal ...

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    Got some pics of your bike?
  3. well ... i dont know how to hot link a thread ... but its in the picture forum... ill see what i can do.

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    If you put a floorboard in, how will you ever turn the pedals?....
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    Yeah. I don't see any way to realistically accomplish your goal on that frame. A crank forward cruiser frame with a wide crank could be made to work, probably, but that frame mount engine is an issue as well. There's a reason that mopeds typically have horizontal bore engines and small wheels, and at least in part accomodating a footrest floorboard is why.
  6. you dont think it would work it if i did a wooden kinda oblong oval coming down on the down tube with a hole fit for the exhaust ... and kinda tapering or indenting at the pedals then extending back out on the chain stay...

    really im just lookin for ways to improve the bike cosmetically so if anyone has ideas just lemme know... is a sidecar feasible.
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    The floor board would have the advantage of protecting you from road splash. but after indenting from pedals, which would seem to be necessary, you'd lose a lot of that.

    And it would be pretty heavy, I suppose. but I imagine it could be done.
    If you want it at all, then I'd give it a try. You might come up with something neat.

    And a side-car is possible. There's someone in this forum who made one. I'm afraid I don't remember who, but you ought to be able to find him by searching.
  8. yeah ... theres a few of them .. pretty impressive ...
    about the weight ... if i was to try it ... what do you think would be the best way to keep weight down ...

    maybe a cedar?
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    Aluminum skin torsion box put together with a good epoxy. Done right, its as stiff as a board of the same thickness but weighs about 1/4 as much, or less.. If you don't go with an extra-wide crankset, or bend your crank arms outward, the maximum useful width will be the distance between the crank arms at the bottom bracket.