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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by fishhead, Nov 20, 2008.

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    Hello Hello Florida Go
    Motor Bike

  2. Welcome neighbor, from the Treasure Coast.........
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    welcome from tampa bay
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    Hey neighbors! hope everything is doing fine with ya' all... i live in orlando and i got my kit and mounted on a stingray but it doesnt start.... i have never seen or ride a motored bike before... i started with mine but it doesnt start... can someone help with this? i think there's something i am not doing right... but have the bike sitting for a week now and it doesnt start... ive tryed a few things but nothing have worked... i think maybe if i can at least see one live i could get what i am doing wrong... Thanks to everyone!
  5. fishhead

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    Does not start

    I have had problems not starting on the HT 80 CC type engines.

    For me the problem is always the clutch adjustment. When you try to pedal and pop the clutch , the clutch slips and the motor will not fully turn over.

    It will sound like it does turn over , but it does not.

    Remove the cover and there is a set screw, remove it and turn in the star wheel a couple of notches and put the set screw back in.

    Then try again
  6. nofearinside

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    thanks! i got my first ride! yeeeeeeehaaaaa!!!!!!