Florida law for "mopeds"- do cops enforce it?

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  1. jaguar

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    Florida law RS-68 states that motorized bicycles
    1. need to be no more than 50cc
    2. have same lighting as a moped
    3. travel at no more than 30mph
    4. be registered (which requires showing the original bills of sale for the bicycle and the engine, and they need to be in the applicants name)
    5. be inspected
    6. not have a shift kit

    The operator of said “moped”
    7. needs a drivers license for a moped
    8. is required to follow the rules of the road and safety equipment requirements of sections 316.208, 316.2085 and 316.211, Florida Statutes.

    I've heard from a few Florida riders that as long as you don't ride recklessly that cops leave you alone.
    I would like to hear more stories and know which of the above listed 8 requirements you are meeting.

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    I saw a video very recently of people riding motorized bikes in Florida, the group drove by an officers car and only seemed to make an attempt to stay under the speed limit while in range of the officer.

    I think it was miami or something.

    I know they sell booze around the clock in Florida walmarts so I don't remember all that much about the state or the trip to Disney, got pictures though so it must of happened.
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    Except the roads, I remember those glorious smooth well kept roads better than anything in my life.