Florida law for "mopeds"- do cops enforce it?

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  1. jaguar

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    Florida law RS-68 states that motorized bicycles
    1. need to be no more than 50cc
    2. have same lighting as a moped
    3. travel at no more than 30mph
    4. be registered (which requires showing the original bills of sale for the bicycle and the engine, and they need to be in the applicants name)
    5. be inspected
    6. not have a shift kit

    The operator of said “moped”
    7. needs a drivers license for a moped
    8. is required to follow the rules of the road and safety equipment requirements of sections 316.208, 316.2085 and 316.211, Florida Statutes.

    I've heard from a few Florida riders that as long as you don't ride recklessly that cops leave you alone.
    I would like to hear more stories and know which of the above listed 8 requirements you are meeting.

  2. Frankenstein

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    I saw a video very recently of people riding motorized bikes in Florida, the group drove by an officers car and only seemed to make an attempt to stay under the speed limit while in range of the officer.

    I think it was miami or something.

    I know they sell booze around the clock in Florida walmarts so I don't remember all that much about the state or the trip to Disney, got pictures though so it must of happened.
  3. Frankenstein

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    Except the roads, I remember those glorious smooth well kept roads better than anything in my life.
  4. James Hausle

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    This is the Florida registration procedure I am waiting for an inspection time if bike passes it can be registered and a plate will be issued
    allowing to legally drive on the road

    I, owner/applicant hereby certifies that the bicycle converted to a moped conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards related to lights, safety and other equipment contained
    49, Code of Federal Regulations and in compliance with Chapter 316 Florida Statutes.

    In addition to the above, I hereby affirm that the motorized bicycle converted to a moped meets the

    definition in Section 320.01 (27) by submitting an Affidavit for Inspection of a Motorized Bicycle

    Converted to a Moped (DHSMV RS 68 - Exhibit A) attached and complies with the installed and

    operational conversion requirements to meet 316 Florida Statutes, including but not limited to the


    • 1 Headlamp (minimum)

    • 1 Stop lamp (minimum)

    • 1 Tail Lamp (minimum)

    • Reflex Reflectors: (3 ) Red and ( 2) Amber ( 1 red in the rear maybe combined with tail

    lamp/stop lamp) (2 red on side to the rear) (2 amber on side to the front)

    • 1 Registration (tag) Lamp illuminating the tag for 50 feet

    • 1 Horn: audible for 200 feet

    • 1 Rearview Mirror

    • Brake activation can be combined or separate; wheel must have a separate brake.

    (Please note: The stop lamp must come on when either brake is applied.)

    • Twist-grip or thumb activated throttle

    • When issued, tag must be permanently mounted (secured with nuts and bolts thru fender, etc.)


    DOCUMENT/s AND THAT THE FACTS STATED IN IT ARE TRUE. Further, I agree to defend the title

    against all claims.

    also needed
    _$40.00 application fee, cash, check/ Money order made payable to OMS

    _ Original Salvage rebuild able title,
    Bill of Sale
    Pictures of all sides & interior of wrecked vehicle
    Original Receipts/or Bill of Sale for all major component parts (Al/ original receipts must have
    name of seller and must have your name on them as well as the VIN# on used parts)
    Original Application for certificate of Title (HSMV 82040), 2 pages
    Original Statement of Builder (HSMV 84490), 2 to 3 pages
    Copy of Insurance card
    Copy of Florida Drivers License or Florida ID Card
    Copy of License plate and registration if transferring Proof that all recalls have been done
    • Please make copies for your own records before mailing originals to: BOS