Florida MB Laws ?

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  1. fishhead

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    I keep a printout from Florida DMV that states that motorized bicyles are not required to have registration.....Well, I am putt putting around on a nice day here in Cocoa Fl, And the FL Po Po stops me and screams "PULL OVER NOW !"

    YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY REGISTRATION,,,,, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Me says " Sir I can show you this print out and " - SHUT UP DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME OR YOU WILL GO TO JAIL RIGHT NOW !
    But sir ... CLICK (handcuffs)

    And off to jail I a went......................

    Mr po po man tells me that who ever sold me that motor kit bam boozeled me.

    I't just not right , how do I fight this ?

  2. sangesf

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    I would suggest, finding a lawyer well versed in Moped / Bicycle laws.

    Also remember that when they state anything about a "Motorized Bicycle" they mean something with Electric. So unless you have something that states Gas or Moped, it's not applicable to your ride.

    There is still some confusion about titling and registration of Bicycles with Gas Motors on them, like I suggested, find a lawyer.
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  3. Mountainman

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    if you can print someTHING good out for the courts from state DMV files
    you many be fine
    do they really want to get all uptight over a bicycle with a motor
    maybe a picture or two also

    my buddy here in Calif years back received a ticket
    took some good sound paper work with him to court
    judge threw it out of court ------- yes that was Calif

    ride that THING right to the court house
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  5. fishhead

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    Thanks Guys

    That Florida copper passed a meth lab and a dead prostitute just to get to me.

    I see lots of pictures of all you's cool bikes, and golly geeze willikers I do not see any moped tags on them.......My mama says I hang with a rough crowd.

    I am thinking to add an electric wheel so my HT just to get things more interesting.

    Also a cold fusion power source.

    Keep them legs peddling and the thumb on kill .
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    Now why don't you tell us how you really feel? :jester:
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    hmmm other registered bikes? please show me a link.maybe that will help me out.i really want mine registered.i mean i have a license,its a friction drive 23 cc 1.3 hp.has a seat and pedals and yet i cant but they can.im confused.
  10. sangesf

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    Why don't you just go to the HSMV, try to get it registered and if/when they tell you no, then have them print that out and then carry THAT with you?

    But I would talk to a Lawyer still. Also, call the Sherrif's department for your county, ask to talk to the person in charge of registering Bicycles. (Or if they say they don't, ask them who you would talk to about registering your bicycle, whether it's your local police or not.) Do NOT talk about the gas motor until you get to talk to SOMEONE who's the person in charge of bicycles, once you DO get to that person, tell them that you have a small gas motor on your bicycle and ask them what to do. What would be better is to actually GO to either/both of the Sherrif's and/or Local police building and physically talk to the person whom you've found out is in charge of bicycle registration...

    Remember, as long as you are just pedaling the bicycle and are not using the motor, it's totally legal to ride.
  11. eastwoodo4

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    they would say theres no need to register bicycles.theres no prosedure for that.
  12. sangesf

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    I say still go and talk physically to the persons I mentioned AND go to the HSMV AND hire a lawyer.

    Whatvhave finally decided to do?
  13. Esteban

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    I do not have " a link. " I am only saying that there are others registered in Fl. Keep an eye open & you will see some on Fl. roads .
  14. fishhead

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    Went to court today.

    One ticket was for no registration on my MB.
    Another for expired licence
    And finally one for riding in the bike lane.

    The end result was making a deal. I plead quilty to riding in the bike lane and everything else was dropped.

    Not complaining at all, but isn't that wierd ?????

  15. Heres one I found searching "register"...............

  16. duivendyk

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    Good advice,wether you'll extract that statement from the DMV people is another matter alltogether though.
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  18. sangesf

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    So you got extremely lucky!!!!!

    So you have no license, they catch you in a bike lane and all they do is cite you for riding in a bike lane? Where did they expect you to ride it?
    Out of curiosity, did you bring a lawyer to court? What exactly happened at the court?
  19. fishhead

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    Do not ride in the bike lane !

    You ever see that double triangle symbol painted on the bike lanes ?
    This bike lane was on state route 520. The symbol means NO motor allowed !

    I had no lawyer.
    So , the judge calls me up. "You have an expired license - how do you plead ?"

    " No registration , how do you plead ? "

    " Riding in a bike lane - how do you plead ? "
    Your honor I was on a bike , well a motor bike , I am guilty ! " ( laughter )

    " Do you have anything to say to the court ? "
    Yes - Florida laws concerning Motorized bicycles are not clear and are confusing .
    " You are correct they are a mess. In fact I know that the laws are being challenged in higher courts as we speak. You certainly have that option if you wish - ( to the prosecutor ) recommendation of the state ? "

    "" 50 dollar fine for riding in the bike lane, all other charges dismissed ""
    Puzzling logic in my eyes !!!!!
  20. eastwoodo4

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    so they squeezed 50 out of you huh?there jobs done here.