Florida Registration- the Real Deal

A motorized bicycle is defined by Florida as being electric propelled, and under 750 watts (1HP).

No internal cumbustion engine is in the legal description.
It says that motorized bicycle falls under dirt bike, and goped. This is kind of confuseing in my oppinion. Should be a distinction there that it is not a moped.
Florida Registration

I got pulled over by a volusia county (Florida) sherrif last night. He said that my bike was a moped and had to be registered. I insisted that it was a bicycle not a moped. He investigatd for about half an hour and came back "inconclusive", but still insisting that he was right. I never wavered.

He let me slide, then proceded to examine my bike and tell me how cool it was. We talked about it for another 15 minutes or so. Then I went on my way.

My own invetigation of the Florida DMV laws seem to suggest that these bike fall under the definition of a moped. Mopeds must be registered but not titled. Where florida law describes a "motorized bicycle" as having an electric motor not capable of speeds over 20mph.

I would gladly pay $14 to register my bike, but there are problems:

1) No VIN.
2) Illuminating the tag might be a problem.
3) If I admit that it's a moped, do I then need brake lights and turn signals?
4) Do mopeds require insurance?
5) If i get citation and the judge rules this to be a moped, what kind of penalties would I incurr?

We seem to playing around in a gray area of the law.

Has anyone here been cited for this?

Hmmm...What to do?
i remember reading a thread over on motorized bicycles forum where a florida guy got a plate for his MB. He said it was super easy and only took 15 minutes, he walked in the dmv, told them he wanted a plate for his moped and they gave it to him... i'm guessing im going to try it out when i get mine... not sure if it will be as easy as he said it was though...
found the post i was thinking of:

I got a notion to try to get a moped tag for my motorbike. The Florida Satatute is pretty darn clear about what a moped is and is separate, in writing, from a motor vehicle. Under the FSS traffic laws definitions, Motor Vehicle is defined in section 21, moped is 77. Section 21 says, a Moped is NOT a motor vehicle and thus exempt from the motor vehicle status. What is does say in the Moped section (not the scooter section because that's for electric wheel chairs) is that it must: Have pedal operation, 50cc or less engine if and enternal combustion engine is used, less than 2 brake horse power, have a seat for the rider, cannot exceed 30 mph on flat ground, can not have gears to shift once the engine is engaged. That's about it. So I went to the DMV and asked to register my 49cc moped. Fifteen minutes later I left with a new Florida license plate and a registration for my motorbike. I figured that if the statute spells out exactly what a moped is and my bike fits the description, why not register it and for go the chance of running in to a P.O. who wants to write a citation. So now, I am legal in all respects.

heres a pic of his ride:

he also says this when asked whether it is necessary to run brake lights...
According to the statute, there is nothing stated about lights, horn etc. It's really specific. Florida Motor vehicle definitions #76 or 77 describes a moped and it is an exemption to the classification of motor vehicle.
do a search in the Gainesville sun. there was a guy featured on the front page going down main street on a gas three wheel bike. the paper even said he was legal to run it up to 30 mph as long as he had drivers license
No, I don't think so, I don't think you are allowed even without registering it.