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  1. Illegal

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    Im planing my first build. I have a few questions for anyone who knows or has already gone through the registration process.

    1. Do you have to show recipients for the bike and engine? If i buy the bike from someone on Craigslist would it be sufficient to have them(or someone else) sign a generic bill of sale?

    2. If i buy and 80cc engine can i show them a receipt for a similar 49cc engine? seeing as though the Chinese engines have no marking and look exactly the same on the outside. they would have to open the the engine and measure the parts to really know.

    3. rs-68 states that you cannot have manual shifting gears or a transmission. If i installed a SBP shift kit would the person that inspects the bike be looking for a shift kit? I figure most regular people that would be working at a tax office or dmv don't even know how a bicycle works let alone a motorized bicycle with shift kit.

    Or should i wait until after i have it registered to install the shift kit? would law enforcement notice? would i be pulled over if a cop sees me cycling through gears?

  2. butterbean

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    Nothing to do with registration, but where in Florida? I'm in Gainesville.
  3. Gene

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    Question no1 You need a simple bil of sale or receipt. You need the serial number on the crank tube.
    Question no2 No one is going to measure your engine cc's
    Question no3 You cannot have a shift kit by law it must be a certrifugal clutch or a manual engaged clutch only. Will they know? Install the shift kit after you get a tag if you think you need one.
  4. 2old2learn

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    Since I'll likely never MAB in Florida it's a non issue for me, but my engine has a centrifugal clutch that powers my pedal axle in the similar manner in which I pedal my bike. My bike has 21 speeds with or without the motor. Do I have a shift kit?
  5. Gene

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    I would venture to say no as it could be considered original bike equipment. Actually I think the DMV could care less too.