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    I bought the 50cc kit and installed it on my bike. Before driving it out, I decided to call some authorities to see if I was okay. My first call was to the county Tax Collector. She was rude and immediately told me that I could not drive the vehicle on the road if it had no VIN. I didn't trust her judgment, so I called another tax collector to see what they thought. The second lady didn't know, so she referred me to the State DMV. I called them and the third lady said that as long as it was less than 50ccs that I didn't need to register it. She said that it doesn't say that it can't be driven on the road and that normally their statutes do say that if you can't. She directed me to 319.20 which is about titles. I felt somewhat safe after that and decided to call the police and see what they thought. The officer I got was male and he directed me to a female officer who knew more. She was very friendly and said that she wouldn't give me a ticket, but that she might laugh at me. She said that she would treat it as a normal bicycle as the engine was so small and that as long as I followed the laws prescribed for normal bicycles, that I should be fine. She left me with her name and badge number to give to an officer were I to be pulled over. I haven't posted pictures of my ride yet, but I'll have them soon.

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    That is so cool that the cops were nice on the phone and willing to cooperate with Johnny Q. Public. It's not a bad feeling either when the cops point and laugh.
    Have fun and good work on doing yor home work.
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    Yeah, its nice when the cops honk and wave. It happens to me all the time motoring around the central Phoenix area. Of course I smile and wave back.
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    A neighbor once called the cops on a friend and I. We were riding our mini bikes and when the cops showed up, the cop laughed and said "Screw the neighbors. Ride up and down the block as much as you want". She (the cop) was hott too....lol