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    Good afternoon! Just thought I would drop a line and thank you all for your help during this build. I am a short guy, and to fit the GT5 Skyhawk in the Huffy Good Vibrations frame was certainly a challenge! I had to make the engine mounts, heat the muffler with an acetylene torch and bend it under the frame, widen the back of the frame a tad for the coaster brake to fit, upgraded bearings in the hubs. I am still waiting on my light kit and huffy speedometer to arrive. This build took me 3 days and today was the first time she was going to be run. Except she didn't want to start. There is gas in the carb, as it was running out of the overflow and down my leg. I have checked the cdi and engine wiring, it looks good. But I cannot remove the spark plug and check for a strong spark without removing the engine. This motor is brand new, and would see no reason for it not to fire. Thanks for the great forum and any advice your might have!
    Matt from Florida Img_120913140519.jpg Img_120913140501.jpg

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    Look Good Good Luck getting it started.
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    You really need to come up with a way to access the spark plug . Some new ones are junk to begin with .