Flowmaster exhaust sound? Can it be done?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bikejock, Feb 13, 2015.

  1. bikejock

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    I am getting a 4 stroke as 2 strokes are basically outlawed in California. The only 4 stroke 49cc engine that I know is for sure is legal in California is the one sold at phantombikes.com. I want to make it have a flowmaster sound come from the exhaust. Could this be done? or are 49cc 4 strokes unable to produce this exhaust sound? I am using a GT Dyno Deuce for my build and I think flowmaster style exhaust noise would sound very cool on that bike.

  2. butre

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    it won't sound like a V8, but you could certainly do some trickery with a dual exit exhaust to get a meaner sound than a single cylinder engine can normally offer
  3. professor

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    flowmaster uses reflected wave silencing. Not very effective at that, try it, but it will be a big learning curve.
  4. bikejock

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    How bout a long barrel exhaust suppressor? Would this make the similar sound?

  5. Arty

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    Bikejock - do you know where those tips are available?
  6. bikejock

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    They are avalable at Phantombikes.com they seem to be a great sorce for 4 stroke kits and parts. Those tips are avalable there for around $10 to $15 I think.

    In the description they seem to be desighned to turn exaust in to a low muffle which should be similar to flowmaster sound. The long barrel exaust pipe is avalable at Phantombikes for $100 plus shipping and applicable taxes. From the looks of it you'll need the long barrel exaust if you want those tips.

    I'm thinking of trying a duel long barrel exaust set up when I have the money. The Phantombikes 4 stroke top of the line ghost has a twin long barrel exaust system but the whole bike fully assembled is over $2,000 (Way to much for my budget)