Flying horse Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by danlandberg, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. danlandberg

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    I bought a D.I.Y. kit from B.B. and a GRUBEE engine and got two Flying horse engines (one engine comes with the kit) are these engines any good? Does any body know?

  2. Stan4d

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    I have heard nothing but praise for Grubee kits. Just remember that these kits are DIY and that half the fun of motored biking is building and working out the kinks. Sometimes you have some, othertimes it is a simple bolt and ride.
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  3. danlandberg

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    The D.I.Y. Kit I ordered was bicycle + engine. I don't think the flying horse is GRUBEE. The specs are the same, but $$$ is a bit more for the GRUBEE sky hawk. I got my kit from Bike Berry and you would think it was a ''Bolt and ride'', but it is not!: The throttle cable is toooo close to the top tube! The large down tube adapter is still to small for the bike. + the description said alloy rims and metal brakes, (steel wheels and plastic brakes).:annoyed::icon_cry: + grip shifters do not work well with builds of this kind! But I do agree that with the right equipment and resources it is fun to improvise to make things work! That is part of the FUN of building (anything).:idea: I have no resources to do the things that need to be done at this time. (unemployed):sweatdrop: But I will get it done no matter how long it takes!!!:ack2: Thanks for the reply Stan.:cool: Check out my first build in ''stold in Vegas'':veryangry: This is my 3rd. and not my last!!
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    Dan, did you see the thread listed at the bottom of this page, 'flying horse vs. skyhawk 80cc engines' ?

    Also, I did a 'Google' search above for 'flying horse' and among other things, got a list of members with Flying Horses mentioned in their profiles. You could PM one or two, maybe.

    ... Steve
  5. sp454e

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    I bought a non running flying horse. my first build. replace mag loop,and cdi. I got it running. it has some issues whith it, need to work out the bugs to me its ok motor. my second build was a 66cc skyhawk for a friend I fell in love with the motor on the first test ride from Ed in laughlin
  6. Sgt. Howard

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    My first build is the 49cc flying horse with the NT carb- yes, the rear engine mount was small for the bike, the front mount close to useless and the magneto needed a bit of wire work... I also had to enlarge the sprocket hole to mount it... and eventually replaced the ragmount with first an MM mount, then the Howard mount (which I prefer)-built it back in 2010. Just had it out today for a good romp. I am not dissapointed by it at all.
    None of these kits are 100% fool-proof... some are bit more reliable than others, but even the Grubee can have quality control issues. I am not familiar with the carbs that are currently showing up with this year's stock of Grubee motors, but the ones I got last year took a bit of effort before I got them to do right - they're CNS operations- but once I figured them out, they do the bat-out-of-place-of-eternal-punishment routine. Someday, I will slap my NT carb on a Grubee and see if the carb is the difference or the motor
  7. Greg58

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    Hi Greg here, I have tried a nt on my grubee 48cc. The nt did not perform like the cns2, I like most had to do a good bit of tuning on the cns which included making a new spacer and jetting.