Flying "O" Otasco Motorbike Completed photos

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by jacks_bike, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. jacks_bike

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    Well here is my ride. Called a "Flying O". Has ground assault front shock absorbers, 27" back steel rim. Had to stick the pedal shaft in the vise and whack it with a sledge to bend the arm out a tad so it doesnt scrape the engine side. - still have to polish up rims and do some finishing stuff.... Off to the post office to do my ebay shipping. Cheers !!

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  2. Wheres my dog

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    Dare I say HYBRID of sorts???

    Kind of a cross between a road bike, a mountain bike, and some ingenuity!

    Nice build.... how fast does she go with the 27" rear wheel?
  3. jacks_bike

    jacks_bike New Member

    After the kit got here found out it didnt fit my mtn bike or the 2 other female bikes here. Found the flying O for $5 at a local junk guys place - been sitting outside in the weather for who knows how long. Had an even back rim. Took off the front of the mtn bike as it has shock absorbers and a little more beefy. Have no idea how fast it goes. Went to post office. Came home and said "**** that was fast" - so went down the back roads for an hr & 1/2 ride... seems to be getting smoother, faster and better running now. Still on 1st tank of fuel - need to run another through still then switch over to a diff blend of mixture. - Pawn shop auction coming up so I'll be loading up on $5 bicycles. Looks like the aluminum parts do well on ebay... People definately take interest in these cool looking bikes!
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    Hadn't heard "OTASCO" in a while!
  5. Esteban

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    Nice " creation !" I used to ride my bike down to the local " Economy Auto " [ Otasco ] store when I was a kid. They had a pretty good stock of bike parts, but the best place to buy any part was at Western Auto.