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    Now this is the kind of site I can get into! I'm still big into offroading sites, but have been getting seriously interested in motorizing a bike, for commuting, and for fun. So now that I've found what appears to be the be all that ends all questions for putting an engine on a bike, I see I have alot of researching to do. I have a Honda Trail ST90 engine that needs a piston and rings, that I want to put in a heavy framed mountain bike. I know that'll require a motorcycle license, which is fine, but I wonder what the DMV would say, when I show up with a 90cc mountain bike? :grin: I've also been thinking about looking for a wrecked but running 4stroke pocket bike, for another bike project

    So, basic rundown of me - married almost 17yrs, 3 kids, 2 Broncos, a Scout II, and a Toyota pickup. Jack of all trades, Master of none, and welder/fabricator. Currently in between jobs(ha, unemployed). Also looking to get my house power and utilities as much off the grid as possible.

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    welcome aboard DB
    sounds like it's going to be a way cool bike
    can't wait to see what you build
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    Only a few hours since posting that, and I've already changed my mind. Already like the custom chopper style bikes
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    keep on reading and seeing some more pics and you'll change it again lol
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    DiamondBack, first of all let me welcome you to our FAMILY forum. We have ladies and children here. So you're thread of "fng" is a little out of bounds. Please remember our family orientation in the future.
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    Welcome funny new guy.
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    that's what I thought when I saw it, I dunno what Zev0 be talkin' bout ;)
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    hey thanks! Ma always told me looks will only take me so far, then I'd have to rely on talent.

    * I did find my Honda 90 is WAY too big for a conventional mountain bike frame, so I might have to bend something up, myself

    How fast are you guys getting, with your 40+cc engines?
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